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past - simple and perfect
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The only difference between past simple and "perfect" is its formation. There are no differences in terms of usage of those two. You can use one or the other to express the past.
Adjectives ended in -а, -я are feminine.
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дивна (strange), цікава,(interesting) відома (known).
adjectives negation
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Add the "не" prefix.
щасливий - нещасливий (happy - unhappy), впевнений - невпевнений (sure-unsure)
superlative form of an adjective
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Add "най-" or "-(як/що)най-" prefix to the initial form of an adjective
найхолодніший (the coldest)
verb in past tense
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In Ukrainian, verbs in the past form have the same form in singular, depending only on the gender.
For example: я читав (I read, masc.), ти читав (you read, masc.), я читала (I read, fem.), ти читала (you read, fem.). In plural there are no gender suffixes differences.
more/less + adjective
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більш/менш + adjective
used in comparisons
більш холодний, менш гарний ("more cold", less pretty)
verbs negation
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Add "не" before a verb.
не зачекай на мене (don't wait for me)
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