Expressions with thing

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It's not a big deal
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It's no big thing
Es de mala educacion. No se hace en nuestra socieda
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It's rude. It's not the done thing in our society!
Es la calse de cosas que te hace estar agradecido de vivir
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It's the sort of thing that makes you glad to be alive
No lo planee, una cosa llevo a la otra
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I did't plan it - just one thing lead to another
Yo siempre lo hago, es la primera cosa por la mañana
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I always do it, forst thing in the morning
Es lo mas alejado de mi menete en este momento
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I's the furthest thing from my mind at the moment
Me encantaria hacerlo, pero las posibilidades son muy pocas
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i'd love to do it, but chances would be a fine thing
Es dificil, por una cosa o por la otra
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It's difficult, what with one thing or another

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