English phrases

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The employees received initial safety briefing.
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Os empregados receberam instruções iniciais de segurança.

I stopped and leaned the bicycle against the tree.
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Eu parei e apoiei a bicicleta na árvore.

We paid off our **mortgage** after twenty years.
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Nós quitamos o financiamento da casa depois de vinte anos.

billy ducked behind a car when he saw his teacher.
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Billy se abaixou atrás de um carro quando ele viu seu professor.

The soap bubble popped after a few seconds.
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A bolha de sabão estourou depois de poucos segundos

The teacher soon perceived the new student's potential.
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A professora logo percebeu o potencial do novo aluno.

Health practitioners, such as doctors and nurses, work hard.
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Profissionais de saúde, como médicos e enfermeiros, trabalham duro.

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