Dirty & inappropriate Finnish expressions

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Haista vittu!
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Fuck you!
Although, literal meaning is "smell a pussy". If you want to say "fuck you" in a slighty nicer tone, you can say "haista kukka" (smell a flower) or "haista huilu" (smell a flute)

Painu (hevon) vittuun!
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Fuck off!
Literal meaning, "go to a (horse's) pussy".

To feel angry/pissed off
Originally, its literal meaning was "wanting a vagina".

Olla kyrpä otsassa
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To have a dick on one's forehead
Be very annoyed.

Nussia pilkkua
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To fuck a comma
To be very strict about grammar; a person like that is called "pilkunnussija" (a comma fucker).

Sataa kuin Esterin perseestä
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To rain like from the ass of Esteri
Rains a lot; Esteri is a Finnish name.

Olla perseet olalla
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To have one's ass over one's shoulder
To be very drunk.

(Olla) naama kuin petolinnun perse
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To have a face like the ass of a predatory bird
To be ugly.

(Olla) naama kuin norsun vitulla
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To have a face like the elephant's cunt
To look dissatisfied.

Let's go lehmät, sonnilla seisoo
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Let's go, cows, the bull has a boner
The meaning is simply, "Let's go".

Nuha lähtee nussimalla
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The flu gets healed by fucking
Often gets jokingly said to someone who's down with a flu.

Kadota kuin pieru Saharaan
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To vanish like a fart in Sahara
To vanish without a trace.

(Mennä) tuhannen pillun päreiksi
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To turn into shakes of a thousand pussies
To break completely.

Pyöriä kuin puolukka pillussa
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To roll around like a lingonberry in a vagina
Be somewhere confused; going around aimlessly or being around but being useless

Olla pimeää kuin jouluna perseessä
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To be dark like in an ass at Christmas
Be very dark.

Näyttää närhen munat
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To show the balls of a jaybird
To show off; to show your competitors who is better

Olla ulkona kuin tamponin naru
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To be outside like a tampon's string
To be confused/stupid; not know anything about a topic that's being discussed.

Juosten kustu
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Pissed while running
Used to describe something that's been done in a hurry and thus ends in a poor result.

Näyttää mistä kana pissii
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To show where the hen pees from
To show someone how something is done.

Kusta hunajaa
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To pee honey
To be very happy.

Ei tule lasta eikä paskaa!
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Won't result in either a baby or a shit
Can be used for an unsuccessful effort.

Nousta kusi päähän
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To have piss go to one's head
To be full of themselves.

Kaikkeen tottuu paitsi jääpuikkoon perseessä ja sekin sulaa pois.
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You get used to everything except to an ice stick in your ass but even that melts away.
You can get used to bad situations.

Tarpeeton kuin paavin pallit
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Useless like the balls of the pope
Very useless.

Apea kuin kissa paskalla
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Sad like a cat taking a shit
Sad or serious; another variation is "sits looking important like a cat taking a shit" (istuu tärkeänä kuin kissa paskalla).

Huutaa kuin mummo uunissa
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To yell like a grandmother in an oven
To yell very loud.

Kylmä kuin jääkarhun perseessä
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Cold as in the ass of a polar bear
Very cold.

Olla kusi sukassa
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To have piss in one's sock
To be scared.

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