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trừng phạt in English:

1. punish

It’s unfair to punish a whole class for the actions of one or two students.
Parents punish their children for misbehavior.
Punish the wicked and save the weak.
In Singapore, one way to punish a criminal is to whip him or her.
What's the best way to punish a dog?
Don't punish him for breaking the window. He is not to blame.
Father punished his son.
How should we punish the children?
We thought it wrong that you should punish him.
Don't punish the boy severely; go easy on him.
That is why the U.S. government has gone to court to protect the right of women and girls to wear the hijab, and to punish those who would deny it.
Parents and adults punish children when they tell a lie, but it could be argued that often they aren't themselves good examples of sincerity.
Polish government is planning to punish for using that phrase.
Many teachers punish students with extra homework.
In the name of the moon, we'll punish you!

2. punishment

capital punishment
You can teach good manners to children without resorting to punishment.
Shizuko cheated in an examination and received an appropriate punishment.
The child who was caught stealing apples bravely faced the music in accepting his punishment.
Was it necessary to inflict such a punishment on him?
In the past it was perfectly normal to get the back of a teacher's hand or fist as punishment.
Is there, for example, a three-course meal that conveys sin, punishment, and redemption?
The trend of public opinion is against corporal punishment.
Raskolnikov is the protagonist of the book of Crime and Punishment written by Dostoevsky.
Death penalty as a punishment is against humanity.
As a punishment, the disgraced Greenpeace volunteer had to scrub oil from an otter's fur with his own toothbrush.
No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.
A 1994 law increased punishments for overloaded trucks.
punishment {rzecz.} kara, pokuta | to punish {czas.} karać, spałaszować, nie oszczędzić, ukarać, dać w kość, dać wycisk, nie oszczędzać, pałaszować, dawać w kość, dawać wycisk, pochłaniać, zajeżdżać
Tatoeba: Where attention to detail is sacred, and punishment is swift.