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phác thảo in English:

1. outline

I only presented an outline. I can go into details, if you want.
outline the presentation
We outlined our proposals to the committee.
Obama and Hollande outlined changes they said Russia must make to its military strategy in Syria.
The question here is one of creating the framework with which we can outline the social trend.
The book outlines the major events of the country's history.
the chalked outline of a human body
I'd like to outline what we're going to be doing at the conference before we actually get into today's programme.
When searching for Palestine on Google Maps, it shows an outline, but with no label for Palestine and Israel labelled alongside it.
the garage door gleamed, and between them Harry saw, quite distinctly, the hulking outline of something very big, with wide, gleaming eyes.
if you outline something, you give a short or general explanation of it without providing a lot of details
There are only seven basic plots and every story fits into this outline.
an outline map/sketch
I should like to outline a number of key areas.
The definition of an outline is the drawn edge of a shape or image. An example of an outline is the taped outline of a body in a crime scene.