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khao khát in English:

1. to desire

English word "khao khát"(to desire) occurs in sets:

500 động từ tiếng Anh 151 - 175

2. avid

My grandpa was an avid collector of stamps.
She is an avid reader. On holidays, she can read even 20 books!
I'm an avid reader of biographies.
Jeremy is an avid video game player. He plays at least three hours every day.
She is avid for fame.
an avid reader
She is an avid reader of the Harry Potter book series and big fan of the movies.
an avid collector of antiques
Grandfather was an avid reader who hundreds of book
They are avid for fame. John is an avid collector of old jazz records
avid reader, avid windsurfer
Joe is such a keen, avid reader.
an avid football fan /an avid reader
She was clearly an avid person as she always wanted everything for herself and more.
One of the difficulties in creating effective mobile advertising campagin is that avid mobile users have a relatively short attention span.

English word "khao khát"(avid) occurs in sets:

300 tính từ tiếng Anh 176 - 200

3. crave

Like many celebrities, he craves attention. I was craving french fries, so I pulled into the nearest fast-food restaurant.
Why do people crave adventure?
Did you crave to have a new girl?
He’d craved the attention of the older kids.
Oxytocin makes you crave physical contact.
Many ​young ​children crave ​attention.
I crave for donuts!
I crave for some hot instant cocoa, I need sugar so badly.
a program to give the infants the human touch they crave
You know what I got a crave for?
That you'll never crave blood.
if only she had shown her daughter the love she craved