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hướng dẫn in English:

1. instruction instruction

You can download the instruction manual for the heat exchanger here.
All employees are obliged to participate in instruction on occupational health and safety and take required examinations.
For safety purposes, please make sure to read the instruction manual before using this product.
He could learn without instruction.
I checked every part according to the instruction book, but it did not run.
I have often observed how little young ladies are interested by books of a serious stamp, though written solely for their benefit. It amazes me, I confess; for, certainly, there can be nothing so advantageous to them as instruction.
In other words, education is the instruction of the intellect in the laws of Nature.
Thank you for your instruction. It really helped.
She gives instruction in English.
He will give you an instruction and you must follow it.
The fireman instructions help us in exceptional situations.
You will fail if you don't follow the instructions.
Please, read the instructions carefully.
Louise bought a washing machine and she needs to read the instructions.
My duty is to carry out his instructions.

English word "hướng dẫn"(instruction) occurs in sets:

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2. tutorial tutorial

We had a very interesting tutorial on climate change.
The tutorial system at Oxford and Cambridge is the envy of many universities.
I'm doing some research ahead of the tutorial on Monday.
An online tutorial is provided.
He goes to a tutorial school three days a week.
With this tutorial you will use the sample manga to become accustomed to the procedures for seeing the manga including download.