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chú ý in English:

1. attention

She therefore came up on this side, opened her own window and tapped her horn lightly to draw attention to the fact that she was there.
The first thing that came to my attention was the large sofa. It was covered in sober coloured leather, the seat and the back both looked wide and comfortable.
The publication of the exam results over without incident, for the time being attention is naturally going to focus on the summer break, right?
Although many European researchers have studied ancient Persian literature in the nineteenth century, the new world is not paying attention to our contemporary literature.
The prime minister had to cut his visit short because of an emergency back home that required his attention.
Any man who can drive safely while kissing a pretty lady is simply not giving the kiss the attention it deserves.
The power of doing anything with quickness is always prized much by the possessor, and often without any attention to the imperfection of the performance.
Boeing, which builds more than half the world's commercial airliners, is understandably keen to draw attention to what can go wrong besides planes.
There is no piety in the world which is not the result of cultivation, and which cannot be increased by the degree of care and attention bestowed upon it.
I don't know what to do with that guy. No matter how mad I get at him he just takes it in stride and pays no attention.
In the English world of the 19th century, it was often said that masturbation would lead to a loss of memory and attention.
pay attention (to sth) - uważać na coś / bring/draw (sb's) attention to sth/sb - zwracać czyjąś uwagę na coś/kogoś / get (sb's) attention - przyciągać czyjść uwagę
обращать внимание на +а|to pay attention to/note
Attention is focussed on the potential for growth of the personal and industrial use garbage compactor market in relation to trends in law.

2. pay attention

If you don't pay attention now, you'll get it all wrong later.
You must pay attention to the teacher
Please pay attention to what I'm saying!
I didn't pay attention
If you pay attention during the class you'll remember more
He doesn't pay attention to how much money he spends.
While driving, it is essential to pay attention to what’s going on around you all the time.
Your writing will get better if you pay attention to spelling and grammar.
pay attention to details
I missed what she was saying because I wasn't paying attention, OK Ben pay attention

3. attentive

An attentive person notices the difference between things.
She is very attentive to her grandmother.
He was funny, attentive.
A good teacher is always attentive to their students' needs.
They were most attentive to his speech.
Her father wasn't a very attentive parent.
Be attentive and don't disturb your colleagues.
an attentive audience
never before had she had such an attentive audience / the hotel has a pleasant atmosphere and attentive service
Waiter was at all times polite and attentive.
The children were very attentive when the policeman came in to speak to their class about his job.
A child who always carefully listens to his mother's directions is an example of someone who is attentive.
Working with this family for so long, I know he has good, attentive parents.
Keep your brain attentive
The listeners stood in an attentive attitude.

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