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1. trigger trigger

Certain smells can easily trigger childhood memories.
releasing the trigger
People with a phobia often have an object that triggers their fears.
If I come across a cafe it triggers me to buy a coffee.
It appears that light can trigger regeneration.
trigger Definitions: Take-Up, Creep, Break, Overtravel, Reset, etc.
the part of a gun that you pull with your finger to fire it: He pointed the gun and pulled the trigger. to make something start to happen.
trigger for hunger
She aimed and pulled the trigger and everyone could hear the sound of a speeding bullet.
Stimulation of the dopamine receptors triggers nerve impulses in the brain that help to control body movements.
Let's start with two of the most potent weapons you need to trigger love at first sight.
remove any triggers of this behavior.
Depression is a serious medical illness that can be triggered by a drastic loss.
Social discontent can trigger unexpected effects.
irritants trigger contact dermatitis