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bột in English:

1. powder

My wife went to the powder room to freshen up.
We have a pink powder.
No man can know them, no hunter can shoot them, with powder and lead - Thoughts are free!
ODS super alloy is produced by the mechanical alloy method following powder metallurgy.
The Middle East is still called a powder keg.
I hate chalk. It leaves powder on your hands.
Lupe grinds the piloncillo into a fine powder.
Powder is soluble in water.
Krzyś is powdering his tummy.
Milk is also sold in powder form
A wide range of fluids and powders is available at Boots
a round thick piece of soft material that you use for putting powder on you face
The powder was said to work against almost any disease.
Flour is a powder used in cooking.
She powdered her face and put on lipstick.

2. flour

Flour is made from wheat.
He bought flour and oil in quantity.
In 1835, a barrel of flour cost six dollars.
Soba is made of buckwheat flour, and udon and kishimen are made of plain wheat flour.
Coat the chicken breast with flour.
Could you hand me a bag of flour?
We import flour from America.
Grandma sprinkled flour on the rolling pin so the dough wouldn't stick to it.
Roux is made while cooking flour and butter together.
Whether a dough is a success only depends on the quality of the flour, never on Qdii's cooking skills.
About two million pounds of flour are exported annually.
When the mouse is satiated, the flour is bitter.
When you're at the supermarket, can you buy me some flour?
This always makes me feel awkward—it’s one thing to decline a handshake when my hands are covered with motor oil or pastry flour, but in the absence of visible contaminants, North Americans typically consider it an insult not to accept a handshake.
If ashes were flour and peat was bacon, we'd eat bacon pancakes every day.