Courtesy Phrases - Frasi di cortesia

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Hi! What is your name?
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Ciao! Come ti chiami?
Good morning!
Good morning teacher!
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Buongiorno professore/ professoressa!
Pay attention: if you want to translate the word "teacher" in Italian, you have to specify if it is a male teacher (professore) or a female teacher (professoressa).
Good evening!
Good evening to everybody!
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Buonasera a tutti!
Goodnight and sweet dreams.
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Buonanotte e sogni d'oro.
It was a pleasure to meet you, goodbye!
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Piacere di averla conosciuta, arrivederci!
Pay attention: this expression is formal! If you want to say it informally you can say "è stato un piacere conoscerti, ciao"
See you!
I have to leave, see you!
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Ci vediamo!
Devo andare via, ci vediamo!
Thank you.
I do appreciate your help. Thank you.
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Apprezzo davvero il tuo aiuto. Grazie.
Thank you very much.
Thank you very much for coming at my party.
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Grazie mille.
Grazie mille per essere venuti alla mia festa.
Can you help me, please?
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Per favore.
Puoi aiutarmi, perfavore?
You're welcome.
Remember to say "you're welcome".
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anche:"di nulla" or "di niente"
Ricordati di dire "prego".
Excuse me.
Used to get someone's attention or to say "sorry" in a polite way
Excuse me, I got lost, can you help me?
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Mi scusi.
anche: "mi perdoni" (very formal). Ex.: "Mi perdoni se la disturbo..." (I am sorry to bother you...)
Mi scusi, mi sono perso, può aiutarmi?
I'm sorry.
Remember: "scusa" is informal.
Sorry, I didn't mean to hurt you.
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Scusa, non volevo farti male.
Good luck!
Wish you good luck!
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Buona fortuna!
Ti auguro buona fortuna!
You can say "salute" when you make a toast or when someone sneezes (Bless you!)
Let's make a toast to our friendship! Cheers!
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Facciamo un brindisi alla nostra amicizia! Salute!
Have a nice day!
See you tomorrow! Have a nice day!
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Buona giornata!
A domani! Buona giornata!
Happy birthday!
Happy birthday, Anna!
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Buon compleanno!
anche: "Tanti auguri!"
Buon compleanno, Anna!

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