Catalan: day 2
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Catalan: day 2
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Catalan will help you understand Spanish, French and other Romance languages!
Learn basics of Catalan grammar!
You are going to learn the most useful phrases in some communicative situations!
Learn the language of Anton Gaudi and Pep Guardiola!
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Number - NúmerosNumber - Números  
66 flashcards
And, or, but, so... - I, o, però, així que...And, or, but, so... - I, o, però, així que...  
23 flashcards
Space - EspaiSpace - Espai  
32 flashcards
Useful nouns - Substantius útilsUseful nouns - Substantius útils  
34 flashcards
Useful phrases - Frases útilsUseful phrases - Frases útils  
20 flashcards
Features - CaracterístiquesFeatures - Característiques  
30 flashcards
Time - TempsTime - Temps  
26 flashcards
A typical conversation from a student's book;) - Una conversació típica del llibre d'un estudiantA typical conversation from a student's book;) - Una conversació típic...  
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Catalan: day 2

If you want to learn Catalan, with this Catalan basics course you can learn all the vocabulary necessary to survive in a place where Catalan is spoken and have a simple conversation in Catalan.

Even if you do not want to visit Catalan-speaking countries, it is always good to learn Catalan, since it opens the doors to new job opportunities and better paid, in addition, the more languages you know, the easier you will have to learn new languages.

In our company, VocApp, we have created a method based on digital cards (flashcards), which is proven to work a thousand times better than any other method used by any other internet teaching platform. Also, in this way, it becomes much easier to remember and not to forget the new words learned.

Catalan intensive course

Would you like to live in Barcelona? One of the most beautiful cities in the world according to many people: if so, do not waste your time and access this course now, you have the opportunity to start learning Catalan.

Learn Catalan online is something very important that should never be overlooked, the ease of being able to learn from anywhere and at any time is something that should be appreciated. So if you are looking forward to learning this language, do not hesitate! This course is made for you, access now and start taking the first steps in this beautiful language.

This course will not make you learn Catalan at the end of it, but it will provide you with a base vocabulary from which to start and work slowly until you get bigger and bigger .

If you want to start with Catalan from scratch - try our free course Catalan in 1 day