Useful phrases - Frases útils

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Stop it!
Stop it! I can't stand you.
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Atureu-lo No puc suportar-te.
Help! There is a robber here!
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Ajuda! Aquí hi ha un lladre!
One ticket to Barcelona, please.
I would like to buy one ticket to Barcelona, please.
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Un bitllet per a Barcelona, si us plau.
M´agradaria comprar un bitllet a Barcelona, si us plau.
That's true.
That's true, he's such a good person.
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És cert.
És cert, és una bona persona.
No problem.
No problem, you can pay me later.
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No hi ha problema.
No hi ha cap problema, podeu pagar-me més tard.
I need help.
I need help, my wallet was stolen.
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Necessito ajuda.
Necessito ajuda, la meva cartera va ser robada.
I don't speak Catalan very well.
I am sorry, I don't speak Catalan very well.
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No parlo molt bé Català.
Ho sento, no parlo molt bé Català.
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