To be, to have, to go - Ser, tenir, anar

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she is
She is the owner of the place.
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ella és
Ella és la propietària del lloc.
he goes
He goes to school at 8 a.m.
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ell va
Va a l´escola a les 8 del matí.
it goes
This bus goes towards the centre.
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això va
Aquest autobús va cap al centre.
they are
They are my parents.
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ells són
Són els meus pares.
we have
We have enough money.
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nosaltres tenim
Tenim diners suficients.
they have
They have a problem, we should help them.
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ells tenen
Tenen un problema, els hem d´ajudar.
you are
You are such good students!
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vosaltres sou
Sou uns bons estudiants!
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