Galician Words: Top 500 Verbs

Galician Words: Top 500 Verbs
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Galician will help you understand both: Spanish and Portuguese!
Impress Galician people with their mothertongue!
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500 galician verbs 1 - 50500 galician verbs 1 - 50  
50 flashcards
Top 500 galician verbs 51 - 100Top 500 galician verbs 51 - 100  
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Top 500 galician verbs 101 - 150Top 500 galician verbs 101 - 150  
50 flashcards
Top 500 galician verbs 151 - 200Top 500 galician verbs 151 - 200  
50 flashcards
Top 500 galician verbs 201 - 250Top 500 galician verbs 201 - 250  
50 flashcards
Top 500 galician verbs 251 - 300Top 500 galician verbs 251 - 300  
50 flashcards
Top 500 galician verbs 301 - 350Top 500 galician verbs 301 - 350  
50 flashcards
Top 500 galician verbs 351 - 400Top 500 galician verbs 351 - 400  
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What is Galician language?

Do you know how many languages in Spain are spoken? There are four: Castilian or Spanish, spoken by 99% of the population; Catalan by 19%, Basque by 2% and Galician language by 5%. Let's talk about the Galician language. What is Galician? The Galician language, or Gallego, is the official language of the Galicia region. Millions of people in Galicia, Spain and several countries in South America speak it as their first language. Galician language is closely related to the Portuguese people, it derives from Latin. Would you like to learn more about the Galician language? VocApp provides you with a course of Galician language named Galician language: top 500 verbs to bring to you 500 most popular verbs in the Galician language. Let's start learning Galician verbs now and surprise your friends and family!

Enhance your Galician language: verbs!

Let's think about some activities in the Galician language, such as run, go, play, etc. Which words are equivalent in the Galician language? Don't wait until you need to use the words, let's study those now with Vocapp's top 500 verbs of Galician language. VocApp gives you a daily list of new verbs through interesting flashcards. The verbs will be described in detail with meanings, for example, images to make sure learners can apply new words immediately. Besides, it also has other features such as pronunciation to practice the speaking skill in the Galician language.

Start learning the Galician language right now!

Learning Galician is 100% possible with the Galician language course from VocApp. 500 verbs in Galician language are enough for you to create thousands of sentences in daily communication. Let's enjoy Galician in your ways and open your mind with Galician from today! Take a look at our other Galician language courses, for example, Galician in 1 day. Try to study Galician language every day and impress everyone with your improvement! Let's take a look at some verbs in Galician language that you will learn with this course:

  • = xogar
  • 2. love = amor
  • 3. run = correr
  • 4. look = mira
  • 5. cry = chora