Galician: day 2

Galician: day 2
Learn Galician with VocApp!

Impress Galician people with their mothertongue!
Learn the native language of Amancio Ortega!
Galician grammar is easier than Spanish or Portuguese, check it out yourself!
Learn why should it be Camiño de Santiago instead of Camino de Santiago!
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About the Galician language

Galician is one of the four languages spoken in Spain, also called Gallego. This regional language is spoken by millions of people not only from Spain but from several countries in South America. Gallego is not the same as Spanish or Portuguese, it's a different language with distinctive characteristics. The Galician words survived the period of dictator Franco. Gallego is used in the press and on TV in the region of Galicia. If you want to learn basic Galician words and phrases and to master their Galician pronunciation - VocApp is a great choice! It is a very effective way to learn and remember new Galician words and continue enhancing your vocabulary!

How to learn Galician

Our flashcards will make learning Galician words and repeating their Galician pronunciation simple and fun! They include some interesting features that will help you learn effectively! Not only you will learn the flashcards one by one, but you will also repeat the Galician pronunciation and find the translations of each of the Galician words in the flashcards. Furthermore, our Spaced Repetition System will form a repetition of the most difficult Galician words so you can remember them forever. You can download the course as an audio or text file to have them with you and learn on the go! This course includes the most important Galician words on several topics:

  • 1. Time vocabulary that will allow you to make an appointment, speak about your plans and not only
  • 2. Galician words about space (address, buildings, destination)
  • 3. Numbers in Galician that will help you count and pay in Galician
  • 4. Useful Galician nouns (home, food, breakfast)
  • 5. Galician words and phrases used in a typical conversation

Want more Galician courses?

Spend some time learning the Galician words and phrases included in this course and continue mastering this language with our professional courses! This course is a continuation of the course Galician in 1 day, which includes common Galician words and phrases to talk about people, activities, to give questions. Moreover, there is an entire course dedicated to the commonly used Galician verbs - Galician Words: Top 500 Verbs. It includes the most frequently used and important Galician words that will allow you to start forming your own sentences in Galician. Broaden your Galician vocabulary and work on your Galician pronunciation with VocApp and you will impress the natives!