Norwegian Words: Top 300 Adjectives

Norwegian Words: Top 300 Adjectives
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Interesting facts about the language of Norway

The language of Norway is a North Germanic language spoken by over 5 million people as a native language. The independence movement in the 19th century differentiated Norwegian from Danish, although there are some similarities. Written Norwegian has two forms: Bokmål and Nynorsk, the first being the most widely used. Not only it is an interesting language but it also represents the country that is in the top by GDP per capita. Learning this language requires above all the knowledge of Norwegian vocabulary, that is why our professional linguists prepared several courses to help you learn Norwegian words. If you plan to go for a trip to Stavanger, Oslo, Bergen, Tromso and many other beautiful places that Norway has in store for you then these courses are likely to interest you. Start learning Norwegian with VocApp and you'll see that it can be easy and fun!

Learn Norwegian adjectives

We have gathered the most usefulNorwegian adjectives so that you can learn the basics in record time! How? With VocApp of course! In order to learn the Norwegian adjectives, we have done everything possible to ensure that you have all the most effective learning methods to optimize the study process! The cards, or flashcards, will be your main tool to learn and review the Norwegian adjectives. It is a very effective visual help to remember any course! If you want to speak Norwegian, then download this course of Norwegian adjectives as an MP3 file and learn on the go! In addition, the app will remind you to learn and even make you review the Norwegian adjectives you had trouble learning! And if that's not enough to follow the Norwegian adjectives course that we made, you have the possibility to create your own courses with your own revision sheets! VocApp also has its own translator and dictionary that will help you learn Norwegian by offering you the Norwegian to English translations of different words. See some examples of important and useful Norwegian adjectives we included in this course:

  • 1. riktig = right
  • 2. nydelig = lovely
  • 3. sjofel = mean
  • 4. veldig = very
  • 5. nyttig = useful

Proceed to the Norwegian adjectives course and continue with our other courses created to help you learn Norwegian!

More Norwegian courses

If you are wondering what’s the point of learning Norwegian, here are some answers to your questions. VocApp gives you the opportunity to entertain your friends with funny Norwegian expressions. Ordering smoked salmon during your next holiday with elegance, like a real native, talking to Norwegians will no longer be an obstacle for you. All of this thanks to the basic Norwegian vocabulary courses that VocApp offers you. Master the Norwegian adjectives and continue with the other professional courses we have on our site, for example, the Norwegian Words: Top 500 Verbs and Norwegian Words: Top 1000 Nouns. Learn Norwegian in no time with our effective language learning method!