Clase 32 12/11

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tu tenías un curso
start learning
you had a course

voy a hacerLES una oferta
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I'm going to make you an offer

la empresa es muy transparente
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The company is very transparent

no hay nada sospechoso
start learning
there is nothing suspicious

la industria del automóvil
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the automobile industry

la gasolina es un gasto personal
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petrol is a personal expense

si dejara esos clientes, la empresa sería mas rentable
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If he left those customers, the company would be more profitable

reducir los gastos de la empresa
start learning
reduce company expenses

siempre se trabaja PARA alguien
start learning
always work FOR someone

ellos no se aprovechan
start learning
they do not take advantage

si yo no supiera esto, actuaría de otra manera
start learning
If I did not know this, I would act differently

si no estudiara física, sería granjera
start learning
if I did not study physics, I would be a farmer

Si no disfrutara mi vida, me mudaría
start learning
If I did not enjoy my life, I would move

He tenido visitas
start learning
I have had visitors

disfruto mucho haciendo preguntas a la gente
start learning
I really enjoy asking people questions

estar dispuesto a dar algo
start learning
be willing to give something

ella no se daba cuenta
start learning
she didn´t realize

tu estas dispuesta a aprender mucho mas
start learning
you are willing to learn much more

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