Clase 30 02/11

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I wear four layers of clothes
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llevo cuatro capas de ropa

It was my first championship
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fue mi primer campeonato

I have surpassed my previous mark
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he superado mi marca anterior

I've won seventy percent of the people
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les he ganado al setenta porciento de la gente

let's go a lot of speed
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vamos a mucha velocidad

this does not benefit us
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esto no nos beneficia

the injury is INEVITABLE
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la lesión es INEVITABLE

I do not dare to run a marathon now
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yo ahora no me atrevo a correr una maratón


mountain track
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pista de montaña

no need to come
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no hace falta que vengas

I do not want to harm my own company
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no quiero perjudicar A mi propia empresa

had and would have meant the same
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hubiera y hubiese significan lo mismo

I appreciate the help
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te agradezco la ayuda

I appreciated the good weather
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yo agradecía el buen tiempo

I appreciated the time you gave me
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le agradecí el tiempo que me dedicó

I have been a very bad person
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Yo he sido muy mala persona

It may seem a little messy
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puede parecer un poco lioso

If I had not lived in the UK for a while, I would not have been the person I am.
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Si yo no hubiera/hubiese vivido en RU por un tiempo, no hubiera/hubiese sido la persona que soy.

I'm angry with myself
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estoy enfadada conmigo misma

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