Book 9 words

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Gallery hallway, balcony
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we saw Van Gogh's pictures when we visited the art gallery

Glimpse quick look, glance
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she took a quick glimpse at her report.

Grievance complaint, moan, unfairness
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The workers had a long list of grievances for the manager.

Gulf harbour, bay
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The Persian Gulf lies between Iraq & Iran,/ There is a big gulf between rich and poor.

Gurgle babble (baby talk), tap running
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water gurgling down the plughole

Impertinent rude, cheeky, disrespectful
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The impertinent child must be taught some manners.

Inpatient patient at hospital for the day
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she went to hospital for a checkup

Inspire encourage, motivate
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We use interactive displays to inspire children to read and write for pleasure.

Introvert shy, timid, quiet
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the boy was an introvert so didn't have many friends

Itemise list, eg., shopping list
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the receipt from the shop was itemised, it listed what we has bought and how much it cost

Labour hard work, toil, employment
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building work is labour intensive

Latitude imaginary lines on the Earth
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the plant grows best in cooler latitudes.

Laundrette shop washes clothes
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my washing machine broke down so I had to go down to the launderette.

Loan borrow, eg., lend money off someone / a bank
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Tim took out a loan to pay for his car.

Magistrate judge
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the magistrate declared the robber to be guilty

Meanness nastiness
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the bully was mean to the new boy.

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