Asistență pentru clienți (fraze) - Customer care (phrases)

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Eu sunt responsabil pentru toate comenzile.
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I am responsible for all of your orders.
Sperăm ne auzim în curând.
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We hope to hear from you soon. / We are looking forward to hearing from you soon.
Vom depune toate eforturile noastre de a...
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We are going to use our best efforts to...
Ana, acesta este Emil Botoacă.
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Ann, this is Emil Botoacă.
Pot să vă dau cardul meu?
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May I give you my card?
Vreți o cafea sau ceai?
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Would you like some coffee or tea?
Vă rugăm, nu ezitați să puneți orice întrebare.
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Please, feel free to ask any questions.
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