Arabic Alphabet

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Like A in Apple

Like B in Baby

Like T in Tree

Like the Th in Theory

Sometimes like the G in Girl or like the J in Jar

Like the h in he yet light in pronunciation

Like the Ch in the name Bach

Like the D in Door

Like the Th in There or The

Like the R in Room

Like the Z in Zoom

Like the S in See

Like Sh in Shine

Like the S in Sad yet heavy in pronunciation

Like the D in Dead yet heavy in pronunciation

Like the T in Table yet heavy in pronunciation

Like the Z in Zorro yet heavy in pronunciation

Has no real equivalent sometimes they replace its sound with the A sound like for example the name Ali for

Like the Gh in Ghandi

Like the F in Ferry

Like the Q in Queen yet heavy velar sound in pronunciation

Like the K in Kitchen

Like L in Look

Like M in Mouse

Like N in Nose

Like H in He

Like the W in the reaction of saying: WAW!

Like Y in Year

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