500 most important Swedish verbs 1 - 25

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to know
to have knowledge, information
Do you know who did that?
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att veta; vet
Vet du, vem som gjorde det?

to come
When is your sister coming?
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att komma; kommer
När kommer din syster?

to get
Did you get my message?
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att få; får
Har du fått mitt meddelande?

to like
I like to sit and watch the water.
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att tycka om; tycker om
Jag tycker om att sitta och titta på vatten.

to see
I can't see anything!
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att se; ser
Jag ser ingenting!

to need
My children don't need me anymore.
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att behöva; behöver
Mina barn behöver mig inte längre.

to look for
Many people look for work.
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att söka; söker
Många människor söker jobb.

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How will I use this

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can you tell me about this how is it and How will I use this

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