500 most important Czech verbs 100 - 125

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to pay
I have to pay for the lunch.
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Musím zaplatit za oběd.

to hurt
I'm sorry, I didn't mean to hurt you.
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Promiň, nechtěl jsem tě zranit.

to plan
You should plan your day better.
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Měl by si lépe plánovat svůj den.

to eat
We always eat 5 meals a day.
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Vždy jíme 5 krát denně.

to get married
When are you planning to get married?
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vzít se
Kdy se plánujete vzít?

to break in
Someone has broken into our house!
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vloupat se
Někdo se nám vloupal do domu!

to sleep
I'm going to sleep for 12 hours straight.
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Budu spát 12 hodin bez přestávky.

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