3. STORIES: What was the last book you read?

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I’m outside the Tate Modern in Central London
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not inside a building or room, but near it OPP inside
Can I go and play outside, Dad? Wait outside, I want to talk to him alone. He left an envelope outside my door.
I enjoy reading in bed. a careful reading of the contract
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the activity of looking at and understanding written words
a fair bit
I read a fair bit.
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quite a lot
we came in for a fair bit of criticism; I've travelled in Asia a fair bit
comic books
I read a lot of comic books as well.
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a magazine that tells stories using sets of pictures
it's set in
it’s set in the States.
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in a particular place or position
set on/in/among etc a village set high on a hill The house is set back from the road.
They get you quite hooked.
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if you are hooked on something, you like it a lot and want to continue doing it
children who are hooked on computer games
their, kind of, twisted relationship.
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seeming to enjoy things that are cruel or shocking, in a way that is not normal
Whoever sent those letters has a twisted mind.
Which fictional character would you most like to be, or meet?
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a person in a book, play, film etc
Julia Roberts played the main character.
from Martin Amis’ novel Money which is the funniest novel I’ve ever read.
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a long written story about characters and events that are not real? fiction
the novels of Jane Austen He’s written several novels.
in the book you really empathise with him even though he’s got such dark and monstrous desires.
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to be able to understand someone else’s problems, especially because you have had similar problems? sympathize
I found it hard to empathize with her.
It’s terribly mundane.
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ordinary and boring

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