2nd Week - Sentences

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comprised on
Please, speak it slowly to be comprised
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composto em

set myself free
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me libertar

internal blocks
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blocos internos

dissolve the fear
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dissolver o medo

plenty of time
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muito tempo

for my growth
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para o meu crescimento

streched my hands
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esticado minhas mãos


the sun came crashing in
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o sol apareceu batendo na

it's tough
I'm learning Japanese and I confesse that is a little tough but I'll stick with it.
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É duro

escorregar de volta

we tend to
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temos a tendência de

as a single thing
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como uma coisa única



to encode that
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para codificar que

really shape how
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realmente moldar como

habits occur
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hábitos ocorrer

latch on to a cue
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agarrar-se a uma sugestão

ao longo do tempo

tipo de

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the inner part of
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a parte interna de




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if you are like me, you probably
If you are like me, you probably have difficulties to wake up early every morning, you prefer working through the night.
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se você é como eu, você provavelmente

it's tough to
It’s a little tough wake up early, when your bad habit makes you go to bed late at night.
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é difícil

I find it tough to
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Acho que é difícil de

I seem to slip back into the old routine
It’s a little tough wake up early, when your bad habit makes you go to bed late at night.
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I parecem escorregar de volta para a velha rotina

again and again
Every Monday I tend to think of start to workout and I always fail, again and again.
start learning
de novo e de novo

start learning

start learning

we tend to think of
We tend to think it is easy to break the old habit, however we must have commitment and we need then finally a reward.
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temos a tendência de pensar

what's around the corner
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o que está ao virar da esquina

and than finally a reward
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e que, finalmente, uma recompensa

one of the big differences is that
There are many possibilities to achieve success and one of the big differences is to organize your new routine with the new habits.
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uma das grandes diferenças é que

for years when people tought about
For years people thought that aspartame was better than sugar for losing weight. Today it is believed that sugar continues to be the best choice.
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durante anos, quando as pessoas pensei sobre

how to change something
How to change your thought if you don’t rethink the action.
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como alterar alguma coisa

please let me know
I’m looking for a good doctor for my mom, let me know if you know someone.
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Por favor deixe-me saber

whether we like it or not
Whether we like it or not firstly we should keep the faith and after act seeking our goals.
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quer gostemos ou não

over time
Children, over time, tend to create bad habits and routines, following their parents' examples
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ao longo do tempo

become more and more
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tornam-se mais e mais

the good news is
The good news is we are having a baby, and we can also communicate that there will be two babies.
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a boa notícia é

we can also
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nós também podemos

first of all
First of all, we are willing to have a healthy life and we would to like to break the bad habits.
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em primeiro lugar

all over the world
All over the world, people have been having a healthy lifestyle when they decide to go for a run, walk, workout, bike ride and swimm.
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No mundo todo

go for a run / workout
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ir para uma corrida / treino

do something first thing when you wake up
Do drink water first thing when you wake up and your heart will be grateful.
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fazer alguma coisa primeira coisa quando você acorda

when you get back from
When you get back from the workout, give yourself something, or rewards again and again, to be more likely that you don’t give up.
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quando você voltar de

give yourself something
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dar-se algo

to be more likely
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para ser mais provável

whether you want to
Whether you want to drink or smoke in your life, it is better to start thinking about the consequences in the future.
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se deseja




start learning


start learning


no mundo todo



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