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to behave in a dishonest way in order to win or get an advantage

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how you feel about yourself and whether, for example, you feel that you are a nice or successful person

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a drug used to treat depression (= a medical condition in which you are very unhappy)

the crime of stealing something

someone who steals things

the legal right to be the only person or company that produces or sells a book, play, film etc

a substance that is put into areas of your face so that they do not move and get lines

the part of your face above your eyes

to make an angry or unhappy expression by moving your eyebrow s together

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too heavy or too fat

disturbing 1
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e) very worring

unethical 2
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c) morally wrong

reasonable 3
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a) having good reasons

irresponsible 4
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f) not thinking about the results of your actions

outrageous 5
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d) shocking and unacceptable

b) against the law

a building where goods are produced in large quantities

the money that someone receives every day or week as payment for working: salary

things that people throw away such as old food, dirty paper etc SYN garbage American English

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