3.1 AND THE MORAL IS... Words & phrases

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a large crowd of football supporters A crowd gathered outside the building.
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a large group of people in one place
A crowd gathered to watch the fight.
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if people gather somewhere, or if someone gathers them, they come together in the same place
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if a light dims, or if you dim it, it becomes less bright
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spoken used to tell someone to be quiet, or to comfort a child who is crying
Phil’s really dreading his interview tomorrow.
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to feel very worried about something that is going to happen
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an actor who learns the words of a character in a play so that they can perform if the usual actor is ill
A feeling of hopelessness pervaded the country. The smell of tobacco pervaded the room.
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if a feeling, idea, or smell pervades a place, it is in every part of the place
Thanksgiving is celebrated throughout the US. She was calm throughout the interview.
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in every part of a place. during all of an event or a period of time
the opening bars of the song
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a group of notes in printed music, separated from others by a vertical line
a faint noise
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not clear difficult to see, hear, or smell
vago, indistinto, leve [ruído, brisa]
Come inside, you’re shivering. shiver with cold/fear/delight
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if you shiver, your body shakes slightly because you are cold or frightened SYN tremble
I had a flat tyre (= all the air went out of it) on the way home.
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the round piece of rubber that fits around a wheel of a car, bicycle etc and is filled with air
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especially American English a restaurant that serves cheap food
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not relaxed
a pregnant woman She’s three months pregnant. I got pregnant when I was only 16.
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if a woman or female animal is pregnant, she has an unborn baby growing in her body
The flight from Munich was due at 7:48 pm.
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expected to happen or arrive at a particular time
I finally managed to open the door. How do you manage to stay so slim?
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to succeed in doing something difficult or in dealing with problems
a ten-dollar bill
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a piece of paper money SYN note
We were astonished at her ignorance.
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very surprised
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a structure built onto an outside wall of a building, that you reach through an upstairs door
I said hello, but she didn’t notice.
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to see, feel, or hear someone or something
People with magical or supernatural powers: clairvoyant
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One that heals or attempts to heal, especially a faith healer. healer - a person skilled in a particular type of therapy.
the beauty of the English countryside
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the area that is not near big towns and cities
thrilled adjective: We’re thrilled with the results. — thrilling adjective: a thrilling game
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to make someone very excited and pleased
We parked alongside a white van.
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next to the side of something
Kate rarely ventured beyond her nearest town.
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to go somewhere that could be dangerous
The country gained independence in 1957.
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to get or achieve something
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wanting to do something very much SYN eager
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a stand-up comedian stands alone in front of a group of people and tells jokes
trip on/over sth
I tripped over a chair.
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to hit your foot against something, so that you fall or almost fall
A group of girls were giggling at the back of the class.
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to laugh quickly in a high voice, especially because you are nervous or embarrassed

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