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CCTV camera
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CCTV (closed circuit television) a system of cameras and television, used in public places to protect people from crime.

deterrent - something that makes people less likely to do something: an effective deterrent to car thieves

number plate
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the sign on the front and back of a vehicle that shows its official number SYN license plate American English

a very small piece of silicon containing electronic parts, used in computers and other machines

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a piece of electrical equipment, such as a refrigerator or a washing machine, that is used in people’s homes

mobile phone
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a telephone that you can carry with you and use anywhere SYN cell phone American English

to follow someone or something by looking for signs of their movement, or by using special electronic equipment: The whales were tracked across the Atlantic.

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when someone is being watched, for example by the police or by doctors. under surveillance. Police have the man under surveillance.

when you are alone and not seen or heard by other people: Teenagers need some privacy. I read the letter in the privacy of my own room.

to be aware of something.
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interested in something and knowing a lot about it politically/environmentally, etc. aware. Young people are becoming more politically aware.

an official group, e.g. the government or the police
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the authorities.

to watch or follow
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to monitor; keep track of.

to keep data (on a computer) for future use.
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store the information

getting information about someone's private life in a way they don't like.
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an invasion of privacy

to say / find out who someone is.
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stopping people from doing something illegal.
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crime prevention; deterrent to crime

to obtain information.
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to monitor, accesses data

a situation in which there is a lot of observation, filming or recording people.
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Surveillance technology
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Keeping us safe or an invasion of privacy?

"to steal money or other things from a bank, shop, or person. burgle, steal: The two men were jailed for robbing a bank."

,"if the police arrest someone, the person is taken away because the police think they have done something illegal. arrest somebody for something. The police arrested Eric for shoplifting."

"if you hide a fact or feeling, you keep it secret: She laughed to hide her embarrassment. He had hidden the fact that he was married. hide something from somebody. She tried to hide the truth from us."

to bother, to disturb, to upset
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to make someone feel slightly worried or upset

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"the activity of deciding how to advertise a product, what price to charge for it etc: He works in sales and marketing. a marketing campaign"

target customers
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the people that someone is trying to influence: Who is the target audience for this show?

,to measure the speed at which someone or something is moving: The police clocked him at 160 kilometres an hour.

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