1.1 ideal flatmates

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a ​person, ​especially a man, who is ​boring and not ​fashionable, and who spends too much time on one unfashionable hobby, usually computers or comics.
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unwilling to ​spend ​money
people person
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someone who likes being with other people and is good at ​dealing with other ​people
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practical and realistic
to be a good laugh
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to be very funny
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feeling ashamed or shy
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extremely tired
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extremely interested
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feeling happy because something unpleasant did not happen or you are not worried about something any more
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annoyed because things are not happening in the way that you want, or in the way that they should
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pleased because you have got what you wanted, or because something has happened in the way that you wanted
I keep myself to myself
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I like time alone. I'm not a people person.

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