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costume drama
Downtown Abbey is a famous costume drama.
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a play, TV programme, or film that is about a particular time in history, in which people wear costumes from that time
drama histórico

current affairs
I watch the news to keep up with current affairs.
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important political events or other events in society that are happening now

detective series
The new detective series is really fast- paced.
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a story etc about a crime, often a murder, and a detective who tries to find out who did it
séries policiais

Docudramas are becoming more and more popular.
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a television programme which shows real events in the form of a story
documentário ficcionado

A local film crew is making a documentary about earthquakes.
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a film or a television or radio programme that gives detailed information about a particular subject

game show
My uncle once participated in a game show and won a car.
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a television programme in which people play games in order to win prizes

Did you watch the six o'clock news?
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information about something that has happened recently

The prize for winning the quiz is a TV.
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a competition in which you have to answer questions
concurso [de perguntas e respostas na TV]

reality show
I can't understand why some people love reality shows so much.
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television programmes that film ordinary people doing their jobs or living their lives, or show what they do when put in a special situation
reality show

The six part serial will soon be finished.
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a story that is broadcast or printed in several separate parts
(na TV, no rádio) série

Have you seen the new comedy series on TV last night?
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a set of television or radio programmes that have the same characters or deal with the same type of subject, and are usually broadcast every week or several times a week
(na TV) série

I don’t really like watching sitcoms.
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a funny television programme that has the same characters every week in a different story
comédia [na TV]

sketch show
The new sketch show is really funny.
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a TV programme made up of short humorous scenes
cenas cómicas

soap opera
Soap operas are normally shown at the same time each day.
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a television soap

I can't watch thrillers before going to bed because then I have nightmares.
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an exciting film or book about murder or crime
romance policial filme de suspense, thriller

Did you see that wildlife programme on predators?
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animals and plants living in natural conditions
fauna e flora, vida selvagem

bring out
The company brought out a new smartphone last night.
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introduce a product or make something available
lançar alguma coisa [um produto]

bring out
The spices really bring out the flavour of the meat.
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to make something easier to see, taste, notice etc
realçar alguma coisa to bring out the best/worst in sb fazer sobressair o que há de melhor/pior em alguém

come across
I came across an old diary in her desk.
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to meet or find someone or something by chance
encontrar alguma coisa [por acaso]; cruzar-se com alguém

come across
She comes across as a very intelligent young woman.
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if someone comes across in a particular way, they seem to have particular qualities
dar a impressão

put up
He puts up with a lot at work.
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to accept an unpleasant situation or person without complaining, to tolerate
put up with sth/sb aguentar alguma coisa/alguém

put up
I hope my friend can put me up this weekend.
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to let someone stay in your house and give them meals
hospedar alguém

take back
You'd better take back that remark.
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to admit that you were wrong to say something
retirar alguma coisa [um comentário] “retirar o que disse/fez” ou “voltar atrás no que disse/fez”

take back
That song takes me back to being a teenager.
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to make you remember a time in the past
lembrar de algo e ser levado de volta ao passado (no sentido figurado) por essa lembrança.

turn out
Joanna wished things had turned out differently.
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to happen in a particular way or to be found to be something
acabar. it turned out that descobri/descobriram etc. que

turn out
Thousands turned out on the streets to watch the London Marathon runners.
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if a lot of people turn out for an event, they go to watch it or take part in it
aparecer, comparecer

Are you accusing me of lying?
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to say that someone has done something wrong or illegal
acusar alguém de (fazer) alguma coisa

The chairman of the company admitted that mistakes had been made.
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to say that you have done something wrong or illegal
admitir, reconhecer

He apologised for being late.
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to tell someone that you are sorry that
pedir desculpas, desculpar-se

In court they denied all the charges.
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to say that something is not true
(desmentir) negar; (recusar) negar

John was trying to persuade me to stay.
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to make someone decide to do something by telling them why it is a good idea, or asking them many times
convencer alguém (a fazer alguma coisa)

She promised to write to me.
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to say that you will definitely do something or that something will definitely happen

I asked her to marry me, but she refused.
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to say firmly that you will not do or accept something

The article was quite biased!
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supporting one person or group in an unfair way, when you should treat everyone fairly
tendencioso, parcial

The newspaper has a circulation of 2 million.
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the average number of copies of a newspaper or magazine that are usually sold each day, week, month etc
tiragem [de um jornal ou revista]

The first edition of the book was published in 1836.
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one copy or form of a book, newspaper, magazine, etc

editorial page
I like reading the editorial page as it's often full of opinions.
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a page in a newspaper that gives the editor’s opinion about something, rather than reporting facts

The agony aunt page is my favourite feature.
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an important, interesting, or typical part of something
aspecto característica feição reportagem traço qualidade habilidade atributo colunista de revista ou outro periódico que responde a perguntas sentimentais dos leitores

People often read magazines because of the sensationalism.
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a way of reporting events that makes them seem as strange, exciting, or shocking as possible

I always read the supplement whilst my partner reads the main newspaper.
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an additional part at the end of a book, or a separate part of a newspaper, magazine etc
(de jornal, revista) suplemento

Do you prefer tabloids or broadsheets?
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a newspaper that has small pages, a lot of photographs, and not very much serious news
tablóide the tabloid press a imprensa sensacionalista

The menu bar contains different tabs to click on.
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a long narrow shape along the sides or at the top of a computer screen, usually containing signs that you can click on
Barra de menu é uma região de um software aplicativo, em que menus são apresentados para prover funcionalidades a janelas específicas ou à aplicação tais como abrir arquivos, interagir com o sistema ou requisitar ajuda.

bring up
Don't bring up her past. She doesn't like talking about it.
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to start to talk about something
trazer à baila

bring up
I was brought up a Catholic.
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to look after and influence a child until he or she is grown up
criar alguém; Ela teve uma educação católica.

The navigation buttons must be clear and easy to click on.
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a small area on a computer screen, especially on a website, that you click on in order to perform an action
(em máquina) botão; to press a button carregar num botão, pressionar um botão

You need an eye-catching headline to get people to read the article.
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the title of a newspaper report, which is printed in large letters above the report
manchete [de jornal] the headlines os destaques das principais notícias

lead story
The lead story is the one I always start reading.
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the most important report in a newspaper or news programme, which is put first
artigo principal m matéria principal f

Click on the video link and watch the story!
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a special word or picture in an Internet document that you click on to move quickly to another part of the same document or to another document
um link é o "endereço" de um documento (ou um recurso) na web.

If a website's navigation is difficult, nobody will use it.
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when you click on words, pictures etc in order to move between documents that are connected on the Internet

news feed
I find out about the most current news through the news feed.
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a continuous transmission of data, consisting of news updates, to web sites through a syndicated news service provider.
suprimentos de notícias, fornecimento de atualização em conjunto de grupos de discussão na Internet

turn down
She turned down his proposal.
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say no
recusar alguma coisa

turn down
Can you turn that music down, please!
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lower the level
diminuir alguma coisa [o forno, o ar-condicionado], baixar o volume de alguma coisa [o rádio, a TV]

break down
My car broke down on the way to work.
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if a car or a machine breaks down, it stops working
avariar-se, estragar-se

break down
I left London when my marriage broke down.
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fail or end unsucessfully
fracassar, falhar

breaking news
Did you see the breaking news story?
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most current news
Notícias de última hora

pull out
She pulled out without looking.
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to drive onto a road from another
arrancar [veículo] mudar de faixa [para ultrapassar]

pull out
McDermott pulled out with an injury
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end one's involvement or quit
abandonar (alguma coisa) [um jogo, uma corrida, etc.], desistir (de alguma coisa) [um negócio, um acordo, etc.]

put off
I put off the gardener until the weather was better.
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to postpone doing something or an event
protelar alguma coisa, adiar alguma coisa put sb off adiar um compromisso com alguém

put off
That disgusting story really put me off my food!
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make someone dislike something
desencorajar alguém de (fazer) alguma coisa

take on
The company took on five apprentices.
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to hire
contratar alguém

take on
England will have to take on Germany to get through to the finals.
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to compete against
enfrentar alguém [num jogo, numa discussão]

weather forecast
It’s going to rain, according to the weather forecast.
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a report on the television or radio that says what the weather will be like
previsão do tempo

pop-up ad
Some websites have a lot of pop-up ads to bring in income.
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a window, containing an advertisement, that suddenly appears on a computer screen, especially when you are looking at a website
Anúncio pop-up

People often read magazines because of the sensationalism.
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a way of reporting events that makes them seem as strange, exciting, or shocking as possible

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