Week 8 Workshop 5 - continued Hierarchical Data Structures Part 1

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Waht is depth first traversal?
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proceeds along a path from the root through one child to the most distant descendant of that first child before processing the second child. Implementation uses a stack.

What is breadth first traversal?
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proceeds horizontally from the root to all of its children then to its children’s children and so on... Implementation uses a queue.

what are the 6 possible types of travesal?
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what are the 3 most common types of traversal?
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VLR Preorder, LVR inOrder, LRV PostOrder

Waht is preorder traversal?
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VLR Vist the root node then the left and finaly the right

what is inorder traversal
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LVR visit the lft node then the root node then the right node

what is post order traversal?
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LRV vist the leftnode then the right then the root

what does VLR stand for?
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V: Visit the node L: Traverse the Left subtree R: Traverse the Right subtree

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