Vocabulary (Matasek. 02)

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to crave for
He’d craved the attention of the older kids. Lewis still craves for the recognition he feels he lacks in America.
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łaknąć; to want something very much and in a way that is very hard to control
to refrain from
We refrained from talking until we knew that it was safe. The sign on the wall said "Please refrain from smoking."
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powstrzymać się od; to avoid doing or stop yourself from doing something
at best
If he drops the course now, at best he’ll get an incomplete, and he could fail.
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w najlepszym razie; even if the best possible result happens
to be given the sack
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zostać zwolnionym, zostać wywalonym
to be a bundle of nerves
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być kłębkiem nerwów
a stroke of luck
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łut szczęścia
a man of his word
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człowiek honoru
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at the crack of dawn
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o bladym świcie
to startle
She was concentrating on her book and his voice startled her. The noise of the car startled the birds and the whole flock flew up into the air. Her article on diet startled many people into changing their eating habits.
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przestraszyć; to do something unexpected that surprises and sometimes worries a person or animal
He’s a good footballer, but a bit erratic. the recent erratic performance of the markets
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niekonsekwentny; changing often or not following a regular pattern, so that it is difficult to know what will happen next
Children thrive when given plenty of love and attention. This type of plant thrives in cool conditions.
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to become very successful, happy, or healthy
lenient with: The judge was lenient with her as this was her first offence.
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pobłażliwy; if a person or system is lenient, they punish someone less severely than they could
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odrażający; disgusting; someone or something that is repulsive is so unpleasant that you feel slightly ill when you see them or think about them
apparent to: It should be apparent to anyone that the letter was written by a child. apparent from: The children’s poor health was apparent from their physical appearance.
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pozorny; easy to see or understand
for no apparent reason: Emma suddenly blushed for no apparent reason. all too apparent: The potential for loss of life was all too apparent. it becomes apparent that: It soon became apparent that the two women knew each other.
to be on tenterhook
We were on tenterhooks all morning waiting for the phone to ring.
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siedzieć jak na szpilkach; worried or nervous about something that is going to happen
to be under a strain
She's a lot better than she was but she's still not ready to face the stresses and strains of a job. He's been under a lot of strain recently.
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obciążać, nadwyrężać; something that makes you feel nervous and worried
to bungle the test
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oblać test
to have a liking for sth
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no - lubieć z "for";-)
to be devoid of human feelings
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być pozbawionym ludzkich uczuć
With the extra resources, the project now seems feasible. [+ to infinitive ] It may be feasible to clone human beings, but is it ethical?
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wykonalny; able to be made, done, or achieved
to comprise
The course comprises a class book, a practice book, and a CD.
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składać się z; to have things or people as parts or members; to consist of:
cast doubt on sb/sth
New evidence has cast doubt on the guilty verdict.
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rzucić wątpliwość na sb / sth; to cause people to feel uncertainty about something:
A narrow escape
That guy barely made it over the tracks before the train came. What a narrow escape!
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A situation in which danger or problems are barely avoided.
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wstrętny; loathsome
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ostrożny; cautious
make a dash on
I made a dash for the front door but he got there before me. Hand clamped over his mouth, he made a dash for the bathroom.
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If you make a dash for a place, you run there very quickly, for example to escape from someone or something.
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oszustwo; deception
to be dead on time
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I held my breath for a long while LEST they should discover my presence.
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aby nie

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