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an attitude or belief firmly established that is difficult or unlikely to changed
Respect for and appreciation of sports is deeply _____ in our culture.
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a society, community or state governed by women
The Philippines was a _____ society in pre-colonial times.
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a system of society in which the father or eldest male is the head of the family
An example of _____ is when the family name comes from the man in the family.
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an idea of a state in which everything is perfect and idealistic
We all dream of a _____ world, where everyone is free and equal.
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to see something awe-inspiring
The play was a joy to _____.
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to hold someone's interest
The children were _____ by the story.
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extremely upset
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land or area ruled by someone or something
The area is a British _____.
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to encourage someone to do something
The mother _____ on her son to finish the race.
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egging on
color, especially different shades of a color
The room was decorated in ____ of pink.
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very, unduly
The prices of pulses are _____ high right now.
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getting what is wanted in a clever and often deceptive way
They made a _____ plan to let the captain of the other team hear their strategy.
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lacking energy or enthusiasm
Maria lay _____ on her bed, suffering from fever.
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to threaten harm to someone or something
The tiger moved _____ towards the prey.
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to surprise or frighten someone suddenly
The disclosure of the new rules will _____ everyone in the school.
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took control of something
When I fell ill, Zoya _____ and managed the annual literature festival.
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took over the reins
getting rid of someone in a position of power
The staff celebrated the _____ of the demanding manager by the worker's union.
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made so famous that the person or thing is remembered forever
Multi-award winning director, Gil Portes, has been _____ through films like Saranggola and Small Voices.
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made so famous that the person or thing is remembered forever
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a person fighting against a government; a rebel or revolutionary
The soldiers were ordered to shoot any _____ on sight.
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difficult to remember clearly
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the area in a plane, boat, or racing car where the pilot or driver seats
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to move towards a place from different direction and meet
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an absurd or disorganized situation or event
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the deepest inner part of something
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accidents in which two vehicles or people crash into each other
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very exciting and enjoyable
the roller coaster ride was an _____ experience!
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the amount of confidence and enthusiasm that a person or a group has at a partular time
Many people lost their jobs, so the company _____ was low.
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fastened together by a metal pin
The plane used _____ metal sheets for more permanence and strength.
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a group of military aircraft or ships forming a section of a military force
The first _____ was successful so there was no need for a second mission.
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moved slowly on the ground or on the surface of the water before takeoff or afer landing
Due to snow and ice, the planes _____ on the runway for over an hour.
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