Untranslatable - Oöversättliga ord

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to describe that sth happens in general
You can go on foot. / Strawberries are eaten in the summer.
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Man kan gå till fots. / På sommaren äter man jordgubbar.

mostly 'in' or 'at' but also with such words as 'tomorrow' or 'tonight'
I'm at school tomorrow.
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Jag är i skolan i morgon.

you use this word to underline that something is obvious and it should happen in a certain way.
It is rather you who is a boss.
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Det är ju du som är chefen.

means sth between 'then' and 'so'
What have you done then?
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Vad har du gjort då?

here' used for verbs which describe movement
I came here.
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Jag kom hit.

there' used for verbs which describe movement
I go there.
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Jag åker dit.

to describe that sth is not here.
He is away.
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Hon är borta.

something like 'really', to describe that sth is obvious
You do not really think to do it?
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Du tänker väl inte att göra det?

used as an answer for the question when we want to say 'no' but not directly, we want to be kind
- Do you want to go to the cinema? - No...
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- Vill du gå på bio? - Nja...

as an answer for questions which contain negation when we want to affirm
- Don't you like ice creams? - I do like.
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- Gillar du inte glass? - Ju

prepositions, as 'a' and 'an' but each verb has specific one (either 'en' or 'ett') and you have to learn it by heart
A woman has a house.
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En kvinna har ett hus.

works as 'a/an' and 'the' for 'en'
This is a book. The book is interesting.
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Det är en bok. Den boken är intressant.

works as 'a/an' and 'the' for 'ett'
This is a house. The house is big.
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Det är ett hus. Det huset är stort.

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