Untranslatable - Аударылмайтын сөздер

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kazakh term of endearment; if translated directly, it means "I circle around you" but it is more than that
Dear, try to be careful on road!
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It is caressing appeal of a mother to her child, a grandmother to her grandchild, or a sister to her little brother or sister and is used when they want to divulge their love, solicitude and tenderness, or when they want to pass on some advice.
Айналайын, жолда абайлап жүр!
my soul
I love you, my soul!
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It means that "you are close to me as my own soul", "I appreciate you as my own soul" or "you are my everything". It can be used both by couples and family members. So, you can use it to whomever you feel strong feelings and soul connection.
Сені сүйемін, жаным!
affluence; it complies within itself wealth, prosperity, peace, fortune, and even happiness
Let this year be affluent!
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Осы жыл берекелі болсын!
honor; it compiles pride, dignity, authority, shame
She lost her honor.
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The word "абырой" is also a complex word with a lot of meanings. In the given example, "абырой" means that she did something very shameful, not acceptable, and perhaps bad, therefore, now she lost her pride and authority in front of others.
Ол абыройынан айырылды.
relative from your mother's side
I will visit my mother's relatives this Sunday.
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In Kazakh there are diffent words for relative relations. So, "нағашы" is used for a relative from your mother's side.
Осы демалыс күні нағашыларымды көруге барамын.
My grandmother saw her two-times-great-grandchild.
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Kazakh language has separate namings for grandchild generation. For the grandchild is "немере", great grandchild is "шөбере", two-times-great-grandchild is "шөпшек", etc.
Менің әжем өзінің шөпшегін көрді.
village; place of birth
Where is your village?
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This word also conveys the "place where your parents come from", etc. So, in the example, the person might have been asked "Where is your village is situated?" or "Where are you from?", "Where do you live?".
Ауылың қай жақта?
family hearth
Traditionally, for Kazakh woman, the family hearth, husband, and children have been the highest value.
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ошақ басы
"Ошақ" means fire or the place where you settle a fire. In ancient times, all Kazakh houses had an oven in the centre of the house where they gather together to eat or to talk. It was considered as a very valuable and important part of the house.
Ежелден қазақ әйелі үшін ошақ басы, күйеуі және балалары ең басты құндылық.
wedding from bride's side
I was invited for Assel's wedding.
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қыз ұзату
Kazakh people have many traditional celebrations. One of them is the wedding which is organized from bride's side. It takes place one week prior to the main wedding. Thus, the majority of guests are from bride's side.
Мен Әселдің қыз ұзатуына шақырылдым.

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