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to be
You are nice.
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Kazakh is agglutinative, i.e., grammatical relations are indicated by the addition of suffixes to stems. Therefore, there is no separate translation for the verb "to be". It varies depending on the pronoun and time, etc.
Сен ақылдысың.
to have
I don't have any money.
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бар болу
Negation in present simple for the verb "to have" are made with the help of word "жоқ" which means "don't have".
Менде ақша жоқ.
to want
What do you want?
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Не қалайсың?
I must buy a ticket.
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істеу қажет
Маған билет алу қажет.
Can I get you anything?
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істеу алу
Саған бір зат әпере аламын ба?
to give
Can you give me 5 pounds?
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Маған 5 фунт бере аласың ба?
to help
Can you help me?
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Маған көмектесе аласың ба?
to go
I want to go to the UK.
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Мен Ұлыбританияға барғым келеді.
to like
I like bananas.
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жақсы көру
Мен банан жақсы көрем.
to do
What are we going to do now?
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Қазір не істемекшісің?
to know
I don't know.
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to look for
I am looking for my glasses.
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Көзілдірігімді іздеп жүрмін.
to drink
Would you like to drink some wine?
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Вино ішкің келе ме?
to eat
Do you want something to eat?
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Бір зат жегің келе ме?
to sleep
Sleep well!
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Жақсы ұйықта!
to buy
I want to buy a gift for my boyfriend.
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сатып алу
Мен жігітіме сыйлық сатып алғым келеді.
to cost
How much does it cost?
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Бұл қанша тұрады?

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