Typical Italian hand gestures

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Ma che dici? / Ma che vuoi?
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What the hell are you saying? / What do you want?

The horns: is a superstitious gesture or means that your partner is unfaithful

Ti faccio un sedere cosi
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Literally means "I’ll make your behind of this size". This means that someone want to hit you

“Get lost” or ”Go away”

Mi stai qua / Non ti sopporto
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I can’t stand you

You are stupid (because someone cheated you)

You're clever

Sei intelligente
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You're smart

Me ne frego
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I don’t care/ I don’t give a damn

Ma com’è possibile? Non ci posso credere!
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How is it possible? I can’t believe it!

Se ti prendo...!
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"If I will catch you...!" (I will hit you for sure)

Ti tengo d’occhio
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I’m watching you/ I have my eye on you

Sei pazzo?!
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Are you crazy?!

It tastes good!

"Il gesto dell’ombrello" (vai a quel paese!)
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"The umbrella gesture" (go to hell!)

Boh! (Non lo so)
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I don’t know

Do you understand?

Come here

I’m hungry

I'm leaving

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Forget about it

I’ll beat you

Tempo fa /In passato
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Some time ago/ In the past

qualcosa di costoso
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something expensive

Testa dura/cocciuto
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Hard head/stubborn

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Che puzza!
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It stinks!

Ma tu guarda questo
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Take a look at him (or at her)

(to) eat

Al bacio/Fatto a puntino
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Perfectly done

Bla bla bla
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Blah blah blah. You can use it when someone is talking too much

"Aumma aumma"
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This is referring to something done “under the counter”

Typical Italian hand gestures

Discover the basic Italian hand gestures with Vocapp and their meanings! You will find here the definition of the typical Italian “drama expression”, like “capisci?”, “buono!”, “fesso!”, “ho fame”, “scordatelo” and many others examples. Practice with us and soon you will be a perfect Italian able to control every situation! #Mammamia!

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