Top 500 Latvian verbs 201 - 250

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to attack
I was attacked by a bear.
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Man uzbruka lācis.
to act
Peter is acting strange today.
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Pēteris šodien dīvaini uzvedas.
to close
Close the door!
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Aiztaisi durvis!
to lie
not tell the truth
I suspect he may be lying.
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Es nojaušu, ka viņš melo.
to wear
show signs of being thoroughly used
The carpet started to wear from constant using.
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Paklājs sākā nodilt, jo tas tika bieži izmantots.
to start
The organization started a protest to defend the forest.
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Organizācija uzsāka protestu, lai aizstāvētu mežu.
to watch
How can you watch TV all day?
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Kā jūs varat skatīties televizoru visu dienu?
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