top 100 verbs

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to assist, help

to pay (for)

to travel

to practice

to arrive

to buy

to watch, look at

to dance

to hope, wait (for)

to enter (into)

to sing

to describe

asistir (a)
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to attend

to decide

to take

to prepare

to be interested in

to listen (to)

to cover

to admit

to drink

to cook

to work

to touch, play (an instrument)

to walk

to climb, go up

to love

to write

to discover

to wash

to exist

to discuss

to live

to look or search for

cometer (un error)
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to make (a mistake)

to owe

to open

to unite

to permit

to wear, carry

to study

to break

to eat

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to understand

to run

to believe

meter (en)
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to put (into)

to learn

to take (photos Lat AM)

to read

to fear, dread

to sell

to posess, own

to want

to recieve, welcome


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