In the set you can find English idioms concerning education on the advanced level. It will be useful for everybody who learns English.

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Learning the basics of a language is important, whether you do it for your curiosity or you want to travel to a country. This Romanian lesson will help you be able express yourself in usual situations and show politeness.

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This course was created for people who want to get more in depth in the Business field. It involves economic, marketing, management and administration terms that will help you express yourself in a business conversation. For more courses and lessons, visit our site:!

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This fun and easy lesson was created especially for those that want to enhance their English vocabulary and intelligence with smart words. For more, visit our site and download our app, to learn conveniently anywhere and anytime!

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This Romanian lesson was created for those who want to show their love to the dearest ones using the romantic words and phrase of this language. For more fun and easy lessons of Romanian and more, visit our site and download our app!

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If you're planning to visit the amazing Ukraine, or you're just interested to hear and learn the basics of their language, this course is for you:) It will introduce you to the main words and phrases that you need to know. For more, visit our site and check out the second part of the lesson!

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Planning to visit Ukraine or just interested in the basics of Ukrainian language? Then this lesson is for you! All you need to know in two short lessons. For more, check out our site and download our app!

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