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deviation from the normal or common
With his quiet nature in the family, he is anomaly arogant with his friends.
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original or radically new
It was one of the most avant-garde work of art that appeared in that century.
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related to an elaborately ornamented style or music
This baroque church represent the 19th century perfectly.
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disagreable and confusing sounds or words
There was a cacophony of animal sounds in the zoo.
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determined by impulse not necessity
Her kids are very bad-behaved and capricious.
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personal attractiveness that helps influence others
Jackson was noted for his charisma and rare talent.
deja vu
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the feeling that a situation already happened
I felt a deja vu when crossing that street.
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an amateur engaging into an activity he cannot do
He is just a dilettante in the music industry.
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enthusiasm and liveliness
Her play in the movie shows such elan.
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giving very careful attention to detail
He is very fastidious about cleaning the house.
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complete failure or collapse
Losing my house was the biggest fiasco of my life.
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charmingly simple
I had an idyllic childhood that I will always remember.
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someone excessively self-centered
My psychologist said I'm an narcissist.
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the state of being forgotten
He was just another artist consigned to oblivion.
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hypothetical remedy for all diseases
That drug was advertised as a panacea for all illness.
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a statement that contradicts itself
It was such a paradox that he treated his wife so badly.
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representing a perfect example of something
Milk is quintessential for this recipe.
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simple and severe, with no comfort
They didn't have much money, so they lived a spartan life.
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a private conversation between two people
My boss asked for a tete-a-tete conversation after the meeting.
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a violent speech
Grandma started a furious tirade about the news.

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