PV Week 26 - 27

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Go through
Peter went through a lot of pain after the accident
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Atravesar, experimentar
Get along with
I get along well with my mother-in-law.
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Llevarse bien con
Look after
A babysitter looks after the children when they go out.
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Cuidar de
Take after
Jamie really takes after his dad.
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Parecerse en apariencia o carácter
Shop around
It's always wise to shop around before buying anything.
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Comparar precios
Look ahead
It's time to forget the past and look ahead.
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Mirar hacia el futuro, pensar en el futuro
Get together
Let's get together for lunch on day.
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Avail oneself of
When the company is privatized, you should avail yourself of the opportunity and buy some shares.
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Sacar ventaja de algo
Make fun of
The old lady dresses so strangely that the kids make fun of her.
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Burlarse de, reirse de
Take care of
I'll take care of your plants while you're away.
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Cuidar de
Get rid of
It's difficult to get rid of old habits.
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Deshacerse de

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