PV Week 21 - 25

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Drop off
I'll drop you off at the bus stop i you like.
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Llevar a alguien, repartir algo o caer dormido

Ease off
After Christmas the workload generally eases off
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Aligerar, reducir (dolor, tráfico o trabajo)

Get off
She can't get the stain off her sweater.
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Bajar (del autobus, del tren o avión), eliminar

Kick off
The football match kicked off at 3 o'clock.
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Nod off
My grandfather often nods off in front of the TV.
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Dar cabezadas, caer dormido

Put off
The meeting was put off because of the strike.
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Posponer, arreglar una cita para más tarde

Set off
Early Saturday morning we set off for the ski slopes.
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Partir, comenzar un viaje

Show off
There's David showing off in his new sports car!
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Presumir o querer ser admirado

Take off
The plane took off at 6 a.m.
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Tell off
The teacher told her off for not doing her homework.
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Regañar, criticar severamente

Wipe off
The teacher asked Lee to wipe off the board.
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Limpiar (pizarra o mesa)

Break into
Burglars broke into the house around midnight.
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Entrar por la fuerza

Bump into
Peter bumped into his English teacher at the supermarket.
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Encontrarse accidentalmente o inesperadamente con

Get into
How did the burglar get into the house?
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Meterse en

Run into
Sophie ran into Mary at the shopping centre
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Encontrarse accidentalmente o inesperadamente con

Carry over
As regards holidays, can you carry over any days from one year to the next?
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Posponer para más tarde

Get over
My grandmother had pneumonia but she got over it.
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Superar o recobrarse de una enfermedad o decepción

Think over
I'll have to think over the proposal before I decide.
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Butt in (on something)
It's rude to butt in on a conversation like that!
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Interrumpir maleducadamente

Check in
For security reasons you have to check in two hours before your flight.
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Registrarse en un hotel o aeropuerto

Drop in
I sometimes drop in to see my grandparents on my way home from school.
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Visitar, dejarse caer por sorpresa

End in
Their marriage ended in divorce.
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Terminar en

Get in
How did the burglar get in?
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Hand in
Application forms must be handed in before April.
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Join in
She was too shy to join in the game.
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Move in
You've bought a new house? When are you moving in?
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Mudarse a una casa o una oficina

Come across
Juilie came across some photographs of her grandparents in the attic. The candidate came across as dynamic person during the interview.
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Cruzarse, toparse con, parecer, dar una impresion

Come forward
The police have asked any witnesses to come forward.
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Look forward to
I look forward to seeing you soon.
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Anhelar, estar deseando, tener muchas ganas

Fall through
Our planned boat trip fell through because of the storm.
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Fracasar, venirse a bajo

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