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NOSE OUT ---------- Orlando was nosed out of second place by a former colleague. -------------- nose out.
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vencer por una nariz, por un pelito. to defeat someone by a small amount, especially in an election or a sport.
NOSE OUT ---------- My horse was nosed out at the finish line. -------------- nose out.
FALL OUT ---------- Ines and Juan fell out because of a disagreement over money, and now they’re not talking to each other. -------------- fall out.
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pelear, reñir, discutir. to quarrel, to argue with someone and stop being friendly with them.
FALL OUT ---------- I haven't seen Karla since we fell out last month. -------------- fall out.
FIGURE OUT ---------- Even though I’ve known her for a couple of years, I still haven’t figured Kathy out. I never know what she’s really thinking. -------------- figure out.
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Entender, comprender, decifrar. to understand what someone is like and why they behave in the way that they do or to find the answer to something by thinking carefully. (see also: work out).
FIGURE OUT ---------- Good managers can figure people out and deal with them effectively. -------------- figure out.
FIZZLE, or FIZZLE OUT. ---------- The band was really popular for a few months, but interest in them fizzled out when their good-looking singer left to form another band. --------- fizzle, or fizzle out.
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Desbanecerse, acabarse. Cortarse, apagarse, decaer, acabarse. to gradually fail or endend often in a disappointing or weak way. (see also: die out, same as: fizzle).
FIZZLE, or FIZZLE OUT. ---------- There used to be a lot of interest in the company, but it’s fizzled out now. --------- fizzle, or fizzle out.
GET OUT. ---------- Rihanna tried to get out of the burning car but she couldn’t open the door. It was stuck, so she yelled out, `Help! I can’t get out!’. -------------- get out.
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Salir. salirse. to move out of a vehicle.
GET OUT. ---------- Ok, I'll stop at the lights and you can get out ?. -------------- get out.
GET OUT OF. ---------- My daughter hates going to the dentist. She always tries to get out of it by saying she feels sick. -------------- get out of.
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Ebadir. to avoid doing something that you should do, often by giving an excuse.
GET OUT OF. ---------- I've got a meeting this morning but I'll see if I can get out of it. -------------- get out of.
GIVE OUT something ---------- Could you give these test papers out to the students, please?. -------------- (give out) something.
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Dar, repartir. to give something to a large number of people. (see also: hand out).
GIVE OUT something. ---------- Luis Gutierrez said I'll give out leaflets for the imigrants in town. -------------- (give out) something.
GIVE OUT ---------- When the supply of oil gives out, we might have to use cars powered by electricity instead. -------------- give out.
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Agotarse, acabarse. if a supply of something gives out, it finishes and there is none left. (see also: run out, used up).
GIVE OUT ---------- The food supplies will give out by the end of the week. -------------- give out.
GO OUT. ---------- After burning for a few days, the forest fire finally went out when the rain came. ----------------------------- go out.
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Apagarse. if something which is burning [e.g. fire] goes out, it stops burning. (See also: put out).
GO OUT. ---------- Have you got a light?. My cigarette's gone out. -------- go out.
GROW OUT OF ---------- Our kids are growing fast and they quickly grow out of their clothes. Then they want exactly the same clothes again, but in bigger sizes. -------------- grow out of.
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Dejar ya de hacer algo, dejar ya de usar algo, Quedar chico ya algo o Perder el habito. Lose interest as you grow older or become more mature.
GROW OUT OF ---------- Edgar was obsessed with video games but he "grew out of" them. -------------- grow out of.
LASH OUT ---------- Donal lashed out at some reporters, yelling and pointing his finger at them, saying the media was to blame for his unpopularity. -------------- lash out.
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Criticar. to criticize someone or something in an angry way.
LASH OUT ---------- Soco lashed out at Jose for wasting so much of their money. -------------- lash out.
LAY OUT. ---------- Alberto Alonso said that It’s best to "lay the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle out" so you can see them all before trying to fit them together. -------- lay out.
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Ordenar, diseñar, estructurar, ordenar, componer. to arrange something according to a detailed plan, for example rooms in a building, roads in a town, or areas on a piece of land. (see also: set out).
LAY OUT. ---------- The city was "laid out" with the capitol on a hill in its center. -------- lay out.
LEAVE OUT ---------- Jane said to April, copy all the details and make sure you don’t "leave anything out". ------------ leave out.
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Excluir. dejar fuera de. to not include someone or something.
LEAVE OUT ---------- Little Sammy feels "left out" because the other children don’t play with her. ------------ leave out.
LET OUT. ---------- ‘Don’t let the cat out of the bag’ doesn’t refer to cats or not releasing them. It’s an idiom that means "Don’t tell the secret to anyone". -------------- let out.
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Dejar ir, liberar. (Letear Afuera). to allow a person or animal to leave somewhere, especially by opening a locked or closed door.
LET OUT. ---------- I stopped the car to let the little deer out. -------------- let out.
WAFER. ---------- The priest placed the wafer on Kaz's tongue. -------------- wafer.
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hostia. a round, thin piece of bread eaten during the Christian Communion ceremony.
WAFER. ---------- The priest is passing out the communion wafers. -------------- wafer.
FALL OUT (with somebody). ---------- Juan Gabriel and Rocio Durcal have fallen out and are no longer speaking to each other. -------------------------------------- fall out (with somebody).
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Pelearse, reñir, discutir. to argue with someone and stop being friendly with them.
FALL OUT (with somebody). ---------- Tribilin and Manuel the baker have fallen out and are no longer speaking to each other. -------------------------------------- fall out (with somebody).
AIR OUT ------ After the flooding in my house, all of our clothing were left outside to air. ------ AIR OUT.
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Orear. to place something in an open area where there is a lot of moving air to make it cool, dry, or clean.
AIR OUT -------- When spring comes, we air out all the heavy winter blankets. -------- air out.

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