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DROP OUT ---------- Victor Junior "dropped out" of school before completing his degree. ------------- drop out.
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Decertar, abandonar, dejar. to leave something such as an activity, school, or competition before you have finished what you intended to do. (see also: opt out).
DROP OUT ---------- Oviedo was coming with us to the theatre, but had to "drop out" at the last minute. ------------- drop out.
HANG OUT ---------- Teenagers used to hang out in pool halls on weekends. The boys would play pool while the girls watched them and flirted with them. ---------- hang out.
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Pasar el rato, pasar tiempo. to be or stay somewhere for a period of time without doing much. (see also: hang around with).
HANG OUT ---------- Why don't you come over to my house and hang out for awhile. ---------- hang out.
HANG OUT WITH ---------- Since Daniel got a girlfriend he stopped "hanging out with" his friends. ---------- hang out with.
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juntarse con. to spend time relaxing, talking, or doing something with (someone). (see also: run around with).
HANG OUT WITH ---------- Orlando spent a couple of days "hanging out with" his old friends. ---------- hang out with.
HOLD OUT FOR ---------- The striking workers refused the company’s offer of a small wage rise. They "held out for" a bigger raise, and eventually they got it. ---------- hold out for.
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Esperar por algo mejor. to wait until you get what you want and to refuse to accept anything less.
HOLD OUT FOR ---------- Mike Mastruany said, we could sell now or we could "hold out for" a better offer. ---------- hold out for sth better.
HELP OUT ---------- Would you like to help out by addressing the envelopes for the wedding invitations?. ---------- help out.
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Ayudar, echar una mano. to give a hand, to help someone, especially by giving them money or by doing work for them.
HELP OUT ---------- I thought I could help out, with the childcare one or two afternoons a week. ---------- help out.
INVITE OUT ---------- In Asia, businessmen often invite their customers out to entertainment venues like bars and clubs. ---------- invite out.
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Invitar a salir. to ask someone to go with you to a place, for example a restaurant or the cinema. (see also: ask out).
INVITE OUT ---------- I've been invited out for dinner by an old friend of mine. ---------- invite out.
IRON OUT ---------- We’ll have a meeting next week to iron out any final details in the contract, and then we can go ahead and sign it.---------- iron out.
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Resolver pequeños detalles., aclarar las cosas. to find a way of solving small difficulties or problems, or to find a way of ending a disagreement. (see also: clear up, sort out, straighten out).
We're still trying to iron out some problems with our computer system. ---------- iron out.
IRON OUT ---------- Sofia Vergara ironed the wrinkles out of the dress. ---------- iron out.
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Planchar. to remove (wrinkles) in cloth by using a heated iron.
IRON OUT ---------- I should iron out my suit for my interview tomorrow. ---------- iron out.
JUT. or JUT OUT. ------------ The peninsula juts out into the bay. ---------- jut, or jut out.
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Sobresalir, resaltar. to (cause to) stick out, especially above or past the edge or surface of something more than normal. (see also: stick out).
Ralf jutted out his jaw in defiance...... Some young fashion models like Samantha Cameron are so thin that their bones jut out. ---------- jut, or jut out.
MAIL OUT ---------- Every year Melany Trump mail her catalogue out to over 100,000 customers. ---------- mail out.
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Mandar por correo regular o electronico. to send many copies of a letter, advertisement, etc. by mail at one time. (see also: send out).
MAIL OUT ---------- Hey Alicia, go to the post office and ask how much it’d cost to mail out 1,000 brochures. ---------- mail out.
MAKE something OUT. ---------- Emy said, I can barely (make a few words out) on this book. ---------- make something out.
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Descifrar, percivir, alcanzar a ver. to see, hear, or understand someone or something with difficulty. (see also: figure out).
MAKE something OUT. ------- Track guy’s handwriting isn’t very clear and it’s difficult to read. Can you make this word out?. ---------- MAKE something OUT.
MAKE OUT. ---------- Marck Antony and Jenifer Lopez made out each other passionately. ---------- make out.
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Besar apasionadamene. to have sex, or to kiss and touch in a sexual way.
MAKE OUT. ---------- The young lovers made out on the park bench last night. ---------- make out.
to NECK ---------- Becky G. was necking with her new boyfriend. ---------- to neck (OLD-FASHIONED).
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Besar apasionadamene. to kiss for a long time in a sexual way. (see also: make out).
to NECK ---------- The young lovers necked on the park bench. ---------- to neck (OLD-FASHIONED).
MISS OUT ---------- Jane friend's offered to her some shares in his company. She didn’t buy any, so she missed out when his company made a fortune. ---------- miss out.
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Dejar pasar, perderse la oportunidad. to fail to use an opportunity to enjoy or get an advantage from something. (see also: lose out, pass up).
MISS OUT ---------- The manager of the Waltmart store said, hey, don't miss out on the fantastic bargains in our summer sale. ---------- miss out.
HIDE. or HIDE OUT. ---------- The government believed the terrorist would "hide out" in caves for years, if necessary. ---------- hide, or hide out.
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Esconderse, ocultarse. to go to or stay at a place where you cannot be seen or found.
HIDE. or HIDE OUT. ---------- Photographers were "hiding out" behind the fence. ---------- hide, or hide out.
MAX OUT. ---------- My wife is a shopaholic, she's already "maxed out" six credit cards this year, and now she wants another one!. ------- max out.
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Llegar al limite. to use or reach an upper limit: to come to the highest level possible.
MAX OUT. ---------- Most athletes "max out" before the age of 30. ------- max out.
GODDAMN. -------- Pinche, chingado, de mierda. (GODDA- -) ----- Oh my God. Why did you wake me up like this?. You almost gave me a (GODD - - -) heart attack.
Pinche, chingado, de mierda. ----- (offensive, slang), expressing anger or annoyance.
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Oh my God. Why did you wake me up like this?. You almost gave me a GODDAMN heart attack. -------- GODDAMN.
COME OUT ------------ Rene can’t wait for the Scorpion's new album to come out. They’re his favourite band. -------------- come out.
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Salir al publico, estar disponible. to become available for people to buy or see something.
COME OUT ------------ The last Harry Potter book "came out" many years after the first one. -------------- come out.

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