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Jane said, our company has been "bringing out" good-quality products for many years, but we’ve only recently begun marketing them well. --------- BRING OUT. (Saca algo nuevo, produ algo nuevo).
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Sacar, producir algo nuevo a la venta. to produce something to sell to the public. (see also: roll out).
In 1931, the Ford company "brought out" a new, smaller car. -------- bring out.
A Swedish corporation is buying out our company, and when they take over we’ll have to move our headquarters to Stockholm. -------------- BUY OUT. (Comprar part).
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Comprar parte de la sociedad de un negocio. to buy part of a company or building from someone else so that you own all of it.
Many workers weren’t happy when investors bought the company out. -------------- buy out.
After working too long without a vacation, Alfonso said that he's BURNED OUT, he feels too tire. ---------- BURN OUT or BURN yourself OUT. (Desgast, agota).
BURN OUT. or BURN yourself OUT.
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Desgastarse, agotarse. to have to stop working because you have become ill or very tired from working too hard. (see also: wear out not as severe as burn out).
If Quito carries on working as hard as this he'll burn out before the exams. -------------- burn out or burn yourself out.
Hey, Lorenzo, this is between Martin, Steave and me so please, don't butt out!. -------------- BUTT OUT. (No te metas en).
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No te metas en lo que no le importa a uno. to stop being involved in something (such as a conversation or someone else's affairs). none of your business.
This is none of your business mustache man, so butt out. -------------- BUTT OUT.
I saw Larry Hernandez walking along the street, so I called out his name and he turned around and waved. -------------- CALL OUT. (Grit).
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Gritar, llamar a gritos. to shout, to call. (see also: cry out, yell out).
If you think you know the answer, don’t call it out. Write it down instead. -------------- call out.
The cost of staying there just one night cancelled out any savings we had made by sleeping on the train. -------------- CANCEL OUT. (Compens).
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Compensar, balanzear, contrarrestar. to compensate, to balance, taking things back to the beginning for the opposite effects of two things, to balance each other.
The cost of the meal you bought and what I owed you cancel each other out, so we’re even. -------------- cancel out.
The players listened to their coach and then did their best to carry out his instructions during the game. -------------- CARRY OUT. (Llevar a cab, realiz).
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Llevar a cabo, realizar. to do or complete something, especially something important.
We expect our staff to carry their duties out to the best of their ability. -------------- carry out.
We "canceled out" all the people who did not show up. -------------- CANCEL something or someone OUT. (Elimin, exclu).
CANCEL something or someone OUT.
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Eliminar, excluir, anular. to eliminate someone from something (as from a list of names).
They canceled out all the people who did not paid the tickets to the tour. -------------- CANCEL something or someone OUT.
Crhist Smith said, never answer emails which promise you lots of money. They are sent by criminals who will "cheat you out of" your money if you let them. --------- CHEAT OUT OF. (Engañ)
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Engañar, Estafar. to scam, or to take something from (someone) by lying or breaking a rule. (see also: rip off).
Maria Salinas said that a man who "cheated many people out of" their life savings finally has been caught. ------------------ CHEAT OUT OF.
Don’t forget to give back the room key when you check out of the hotel. -------------- CHECK OUT. (Registrarse para pagar e ir).
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Registrarse para pagar, entregar la llave y salir. Pay the bill when leaving a hospital or hotel.
I’ll need my insurance details when I check out of the hospital. -------------- CHECK OUT.
Let’s check out that new website Juan found. It sounds really interesting. -------------- CHECK OUT. (Chec).
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Checar, echar un ojo, inspeccionar. Get information about or inspect something to see if it's satisfactory. (see also: look at).
The girls like to hang out at the mall to check out all the cute boys. -------------- CHECK OUT.
It was a stressful day at work, so I think I’ll just get some pizza, go home and chill out in front of the TV. -------------- CHILL OUT. (Relaj).
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Relajarse. To relax. (see also: to unwine, kick back, laze around, wind down).
When I’m on holidays, I like chilling out on the beach or at the pool. -------------- CHILL OUT.
Mike Mastruany quit his job today, but he’ll be back tomorrow to clear out his desk and his office. -------------- CLEAR OUT. (Limpia y ordena)
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Limpiar, ordenar y desalojar. to remove unwanted things from (an area or place), Tidy up thoroughly a place and throw away unwanted stuff.
After splitting up with her boyfriend, Genny cleared his clothes out of her closet. ---------- clear out.
During the war, people were DRIVEN OUT of their homes by invading soldiers and forced them to live in refugee camps. ------ DRIVE OUT. (Sacar a la fuer)
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Sacar a la fuerza, echar, expulsar a la fuerza, correr a alguien o algo a la fuerza... to force someone or something to leave a place.
The natives were driven out of their villages by the foreign invaders. ------ drive out.
Ibanka and Melany have FALLEN OUT and are, no longer speaking to each other. ---------- FALL OUT with somebody. (Pelea).
FALL OUT with somebody.
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Pelerse, enemistarse, reñir con alguien. to have an argument with somebody so that you are no longer friendly with them.
Rocio Durcal said, I haven't seen Juan Gabriel since we "fell out" last year. ------------ FALL OUT with somebody.
I had thought about swimming, but the water looked freezing so I opted out. --------------- OPT OUT. (Opta por no)
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Optar por no formar parte en. to choose not to do or be involved in something.
Most employees participated in the pension plan, but a few opted out. --------- OPT OUT.
Martin had to "fork over" half his paycheck to fix his car. --------- FORK OUT/ FORK OVER. (Desenvolsa).
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Pagar, desenvolsar una buena cantidad de dinero. (Tenedor Otravez, Afuera), u Otra vez. to pay or give a good quatity of money.
The company "forked out" thousands of dollars to repair the damage. --------- FORK OUT/ FORK OVER.
The Russian government said, we have to wait out the results of the vote. -------------- WAIT something OUT. (Aguard).
We sheltered in a doorway to wait out the storm. ------------- WAIT something OUT.
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Aguardar, esperar a que algo pase. to wait until an unpleasant event has finished.
Donal said, we have enough capital to wait it out until the economy improves. ---------- WAIT something OUT.

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