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STICK OUT ------- Messi's so much better than the others that he sticks out.---- STICK OUT.
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Sobresalir, resaltar. to be easy to notice or remember because of being unusual or different. (see also: stand out).
STICK OUT ------- When teacher Luke was in Nigeria, he really STUCK OUT. Nearly everywhere he went he was the only white person around. ---- STICK OUT.
STORM OUT/ STORM IN/STORM INTO. ------ The safety officer Dave Parker got angry when his request for better equipment was turned down, and he stormed out of the meeting. ----------- STORM OUT/ STORM IN/STORM INTO.
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Entrar o Salir bien enputado, furioso. to enter or leave a place in a way that shows that you are angry.
STORM OUT/ STORM IN/STORM INTO. ----- Ismael stormed out of the house, slamming the door as he went.-------------------- STORM OUT/ STORM IN/STORM INTO.
STRAIGHTEN OUT ------- Rose said that there’s been a misunderstanding with one of our customers, so we’ll have a meeting with them to straighten everything out.---------- STRAIGHTEN OUT.
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Aclarar, resolver pequeños detalles. Make clear and resolve. (see also: clear up, iron out, sort out).
STRAIGHTEN OUT ------- Hey Efrain, there are a few matters I need to straighten out with you before we start to work. ----------STRAIGHTEN OUT.
PEG ---- Jane's coat hung on a peg by the door. -------- PEG.
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estaca, gancho, taquete, barillita. a short piece of wood, metal or plastic used for holding things together, hanging things on, marking a position, etc.
PEG ---- April said to the new secretary, there's a peg near the door to hang your coat on.-------- PEG.
TENT PEG --------- If you want to hold firmly that tent Karla, you have pushed the tent pegs into the ground.--------- TENT PEG.
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estaca para tienda de campaña. a pointed piece of wood or metal that is pushed into the ground to hold the corners of a tent in position.
TENT PEG --------- David Solorio said, I'm trying to straighten out some of these tent pegs. --------- TENT PEG.
STRAIGHTEN something OUT --------- The police officer said, the road straightens out after a mile or so. ----------- STRAIGHTEN something OUT.
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Enderesar algo. **** DERECHO TEN algo AFUERA.
STRAIGHTEN something OUT --------- Ramón said, I'm trying to straighten out this chassis. ---------- STRAIGHTEN something OUT.
TAKE OUT ------- Maria Oviedo wants to buy an apartment, so she’s going to talk to her bank manager about taking a loan out to pay for it.--------- TAKE OUT.
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Sacar un prestamo o dinero del banco. to get a loan or money from a bank.
TAKE OUT ------- Oviedo junior said, I took $50 out to spend over the weekend from my savings account.--------- TAKE OUT.
TAKE OUT ------- Travellers as Don Berny Rubio usually take out health insurance if they’re going overseas. --------- TAKE OUT.
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Sacar. to get something officially, especially from an insurance, bank, company, or law court.
TAKE OUT ------- Crhist Smith and I took out a life insurance policy when we got our mortgage. --------- TAKE OUT.
TAKE OUT ON somebody. ---------- Jared Kushner often gets angry with his boss, but he can’t do anything about it so he goes home and "takes his anger out on" his wife by yelling at her. -------- TAKE OUT ON somebody.
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Sacar la frustración sobre alguien. to treat someone badly or make someone suffer because you are angry, upset, or tired, even though it is not their fault.
TAKE OUT ON somebody. ---------- Ibanka said, when dad’s under pressure at work, he "takes it out on" me. -------- (TAKE OUT ON) somebody.
TALK OUT OF ---------- His mother tried to talk Erick Oviedo out of joining up and becoming a soldier, but he wouldn’t change his mind. He thought it was his duty. ------- TALK OUT OF.
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Tratar de convenser. to persuade someone not to do something.
TALK OUT OF ---------- It was a crazy idea and we both tried to talk Lalo out of it. ---------------- TALK OUT OF.
TURN OUT --------- Don’t forget to turn out the lights Kaz before you go to bed ok?. ------------- TURN OUT
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Apagar. if you turn out a light, you touch a switch so that it stops working. (see also: turn off, switch off).
TURN OUT --------- Quito turned out the light of the living room and went to sleep. ------------- TURN OUT.
TURN OUT. ------------- Ines and Maggy, they weren’t sure if a holiday in Cambodia was a good idea, but it turned out to be a great experience, especially visiting Angkor Wat. --------------------- TURN OUT.
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Resultar, to happen in a particular way or to have a particular result. (see also: work out, pan out).
TURN OUT. ------------- That dress my daughter made "turned out" a real success said Kaztenni's mom. ------------- TURN OUT.
TURN OUT ---------- Lots of people turn out to see the Mardi Gras parade in New Orleans every year. -------------TURN OUT.
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Asistir, acudir. if people turn out for an event or activity, they go to watch it or take part in it. (see also: come along, show up (inf), turn up).
TURN OUT ---------- Thousands of people turned out to welcome the England team home. -------------TURN OUT.
WALK OUT ------- Marco Antonio Solis didn’t try to work on the problems he had in his marriage. He just "walked out" on his family and never came back. --------- WALK OUT.
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Abandonar, largarse, dejar a alguien. to suddenly leave your husband, wife, or partner and end your relationship with them. (see also: run out on).
WALK OUT ------- Jenny Rivera "walked out" on her boyfriend after three years of abuse. --------- WALK OUT.
WASH OUT --------- The rain has "washed out" the Wimbledon tennis final, but it’ll carry on in the morning unless rain washes it out again. ----------- WASH OUT.
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Parar, cancelar un evento por lluvia. to cause (something, such as a sports event) to be stopped or canceled because of rain.
WASH OUT --------- Heavy rain "washed out" the first day's play of soccer in New Zealand. ----------- WASH OUT.
WASH OUT ------- Grandma said, all the color has "washed out" of these old curtains. -----------WASH OUT.
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Desteñir, descolorear, deslavar, quitar color o manchas. to remove a substance from something by washing.
WASH OUT ------- Ana said, all the bleach from the water "washed out" the dye on my hair. -----------WASH OUT.
WASH something OUT --------- The flooding river "washed out" the bridge in Luisiana. ------------ WASH something OUT.
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Deslavar. to damage or carry away (something) by the force of moving water.
WASH something OUT --------- The flood "washed out" some hills in California. ------------WASH something OUT.
WASH OUT something. --------- I finally "washed the pizza stain out" of the tablecloth said mom. ------------ WASH OUT something.
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Limpiar, lavar, quitar mugre o algo. to clean the inside of a container with a liquid.
WASH OUT something. --------- Steave asked, hey, Martin, do you think we'll be able to "wash that coffee stain out"?. ------------ (WASH OUT) something.

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