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SHUT OUT ----- Essy said, I'd just shut the dog out because I was cleaning the kitchen floor. ---------- SHUT OUT.
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No dejar entrar a alguien. to prevent a person or animal from entering a place, usually by closing a door or gate. (see also: keep out).
SHUT OUT ---------- Nelson's wife was so angry with him that she shut her husband out of the house. ---------- shut out.
SNUFF OUT. ---------- The Irak country has been able to celebrate the return of its independence so brutally snuffed out in 1940. ---------- snuff out.
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Apagar, acabar con algo, acabar o matar a alguien. to cause the end of (something) or to kill (someone).
SNUFF OUT. ---------- One by one Sammy snuffed out the candles. ---------- snuff out.
SIT OUT ------ Pepin said, it was a terrible movie, but I had to sit it out because I went with my girlfriend and she wanted to see how it ended. ------ sit out.
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Esperar a que algo desagradable pase. to wait for something unpleasant to finish before taking any action. (see also: see through, see out).
SIT OUT ---------- The US government is prepared to sit out the strike rather than agree to union demands. ------ sit out.
SORT OUT ---------- Quito please, sort out the books you want and put them on the table. ---------- sort out.
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Separar y ordenar. to separate one type of thing from a group of things. (see also: straighten out, tidy up).
SORT OUT ---------- My files were in a mess said April, so I spent an hour sorting them out and putting them back where they belong. ---------- sort out.
SORT OUT (uk). ---------- Edagar asked, who’s sorting out everything for the seminar, like the venue, the speakers, catering and everything else that needs to be taken care of?. ---------- sort out. (UK).
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Preparar, planear, organizar. to make arrangements for something to happen, or to decide how it will happen. (see also: figure out, work out).
SORT OUT (uk). ---------- Rose’s organizing the party at Haddady and she said that the food and the music is already sorted out. ---------- sort out. (UK).
SPEAK OUT ----------- Maria Elena Salinas said, If you are treated unfairly you should "speak out". If you don’t speak out, nobody will know about it and nothing will be done. -------------------------------- SPEAK OUT.
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Revelarse, ponerse al pedo. to publicly express your opinions, especially in order to criticize or oppose someone or something.
SPEAK OUT -------------- Oviedo lost his job after he "spoke out" against his employers. -------- speak out.
SPELL OUT. ---------- Our teacher spells out the importance of learning phrasal verbs because he thinks some textbooks don’t emphasize them enough. ---------- spell out.
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Explicar con lujo de detalle. to say or explain something very clearly because someone has not understood something.
SPELL OUT. ---------- Teacher Melany said, it’s frustrating when you have to spell everything out for them. ---------- spell out.
SPREAD OUT ---------- Nelson, open the blue print and spread it out on the table so we can all see it. ---------- spread out.
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Extender. to open something that is folded [e.g. map, towel] and put it down flat on a surface.
SPREAD OUT ---------- The newborn baby spread his arms out as wide as he can. ---------- spread out.
STAKE OUT. ---------- Police staked out the wanted man’s house. They hid in an apartment across the street and waited for him to come home. ---------- stake out.
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Mantener abajo vigilancia. to wait outside a building and watch it, especially because something exciting or illegal is happening.
STAKE OUT. ---------- Police in Chicago Heights are staking out oscar's home in case he returns. ---------- stake out.
STAMP OUT. ---------- The Mexican government has been unable to stamp police corruption out, mostly because the police officers don’t usually like to arrest their colleagues. ---------- stamp out.
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Arrancar de raiz, acabar con, extirpar. to get rid of something that is considered wrong or harmful. (see also: wipe out, root out).
STAMP OUT. ---------- The government has brought in new laws to stamp out child prostitution. ---------- stamp out.
STAND OUT --------- Alicia's green hair makes her really stand out. If she’s in a crowd, it’s easy to pick her out. ---------- stand out.
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Destacarse, Sobresalir, resaltar. if someone or something stands out, they are very noticeable because they look different or behave differently from other people or things. (see also: stick out).
STAND OUT --------- Veronica was often anxious to stand out at school. ---------- stand out.
START OUT ---------- Melany started out as an English teacher in a small elementary school, and now she’s the principal of a famous secondary school. ---------- start out.
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Empezar como. to begin as one thing and develop into something else. (see also: start off).
START OUT ---------- Some businesses as facebook and wassup, start out as hobbies. ---------- start out.
STEP OUT. ---------- During the meeting, Jane stepped out into the corridor with the manager so they could speak in private for a minute. ---------- step out.
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Salir por un momento de un lugar. to leave a place for a short period of time. (see also: pop out).
STEP OUT. ---------- Maria Carmona just stepped out for a few minutes - I'll get her to call you back, ok?. ---------- step out.
STICK OUT ---------- I knew the thief had a gun. I could see it sticking out of his pocket said the bank teller. ---------- stick out...
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Sobresalir, resaltar. if part of something sticks out, it comes out beyond the edge or surface of something. (see also: jut out).
STICK OUT ---------- Salma Hayek said that she'd be prettier if her teeth didn't stick out. ---------- stick out.
SHUT OUT --------- Louis Hey got past to shut out the images in her mind. ---------- shut out.
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Bloquear, no dejar entrar luz, sonido, etc. to prevent a sound or light from being heard or seen. (see also: keep out).
SHUT OUT ---------- Maria Ovi said, could you close the curtains and shut out some light?. ---------- shut out.
FILTER OUT. ---------- My neighbor plays his music so loud, I just have to "filter out" the noise in order to get to sleep. ------------------ FILTER OUT.
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ignorar, hacer oídos sordos. to ignore something or someone.
FILTER OUT. ---------- Erick just "filrtered out" aunt's remark about the pictures on facebook.------------------ filter out.
FILTER OUT. ---------- Ceci said, pour the tea through a strainer to "filter out" the tea leaves. ------------------ filter out.
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Filtrar, descartar. to remove something using a sieve, strain. or a special system, device, etc.
FILTER OUT. ---------- The test is used to "filter out" candidates who may be unsuitable. ------------------ FILTER OUT.

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